Hair Care: Products to Achieve Beachy Waves

Hair Care: Products to Achieve Beachy Waves

One of the most common and popular hairstyles of today is the scrunchy, beach wave look. It’s difficult to find the correct product that works good on your hair. Some people’s hair are more resistant to curl and they need a stronger formula. I have included some of the best sea salt texturizing sprays I’ve ever used, and trust me, I’ve used a lot! These are ones that have worked good for me and my sister as well! We enjoy these and they come in a variety of prices, sizes, and strength as far as the sea salt goes. If you use any of these I guarantee you will have great results and will thoroughly enjoy the product! I have included professional brands you can find at salons as well as drug store brands that you can run to the store and buy yourself that also produce great results!

Professional Brands:
1. Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Sea Salt Texturizing Spray: This product is great! It provides the beachy waves you desire without the crunchy after effect. Some people like the crunchy look but if you are going for something more subtle where you will still have a soft look and feel to this is the product for you!

2. Biosilk Silk Therapy Beach Texture: This is another one that it gives the beachy wave look without the crunchy feel, Silk is in the name and it definitely follows through. It leaves your hair feeling soft and silky and leaves you with an amazing, natural looking style!

3. Kenra Texturizing Mist: This product is fantastic! All of the Kenra products feel very high quality in your hair and always result in a great look. This is a bit of a firmer feel than the other two but it produces a beautiful look.

4. TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curl Hi-Def Curl Spray: This spray is awesome and really produces a great feel but it is a bit heavier of a curl due to the spray being more a spray gel rather than just a spray for the hair. This is a great spray if your hair is a bit more resistant to curl.

5. Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray: This is a great spray to not only give you the look of being at the beach but to make it feel like you’re there, it truly carries the smell of the beach and it makes you feel like you’re on vacation! That’s always a bonus, on top of that you’ll have some amazing looking hair!

Drugstore Brands:
1. Garnier Fructis De-constructed Beach Chic Texturizing Spray: This is a great spray and really helps to achieve the beachy wave look, it has the sea salt texture feel and as always, like anything else Garnier Fructis, it smells GREAT! It’s like a styling product and a mattress for your hair!

2. Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray: This is THE best sea salt texturizing spray I personally have ever used, between drug store and professional. It has the best hold, the best scrunch, and the gives off the overall best look for my hair. It has a great smell and it doesn’t leave your hair too crunchy but it is a bit firmer of a hold!

3. Tresemme Tousled Wave Spray: Tresemme has fairly good products and this is definitely one of my favorites! It works great, smells great, and gives off a really beautiful wave! I like to use this spray when I’m going for a looser, very natural looking wave versus a more defined wave.

4. Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Tousling Spray Gel: As in the name, this is also a spray gel! Which is going to make it produce the more crunchy feel, It is a great one for creating waves if you like the crunchier look! It also smells amazing! For ultimate results, use with the rest of the tousle me softly line from Herbal Essences!

5. Got 2b Beach Trippin Salt Infused Wave Maker: With this product being infused with salt, it is great for achieving the beach wave look. It emulates the sea salt water of the ocean, this runs a close second to the Not Your Mother’s Beach Sea Salt Spray, I enjoy using both and they both achieve a great look! The Got 2b is a bit more affordable if you’re shopping on a budget!

These are just a few of the many products you can use to achieve the beach wave look! Like I said before, everyone’s hair is different and the reaction to the products is different for everyone! So you should definitely try more than one of these and don’t just give up after trying one and say my hair doesn’t do that! Maybe you just don’t have the correct product!

  1. Salma says

    My hair has a natural wave but often comes out frizzy. I’ll have to try some of your recommendations to try and get them more wavy and in control. thanks.

  2. Deborah says

    Great reviews! I had no idea what products people used to get that look.

  3. Cindy (Vegetarian Mamma) says

    Beachy waves are so pretty!! I need those!

  4. staci says

    Great tips 🙂

  5. jenn says

    I used to use and recommend Biosilk Silk Therapy when I was a hairdresser.

    So, the beach waves product is probably good too.

  6. LifeAsAConvert says

    I am so anxious to get my hair longer again so I can wear my “waves”

  7. Lesley Stevens says

    Sometimes I feel like my hair has a mind of its own, sometimes it’s nice, sometimes it’s wavy, sometimes its frizzy… it really cant make up its mind which is weird considering how close to my mind it is.. lol

  8. Jeanne Melanson says

    Lots of suggestions! This is great. My hair is naturally wavy but fine. Not everything works for me. I’ll have a look at some of these. Thanks!

  9. Amber NElson says

    I will have to try some of these. I think waves look sexy.

  10. Erika says

    Thanks for the tips. I love products that enhance the natural wave in my hair.

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