A Beginner’s Guide to Jamberry Nail Wraps

A Beginner’s Guide to Jamberry Nail Wraps

While most of us know that nail polish is a great accessory since there is a color to match every season, style, mood, and outfit. However, nail wraps are just as cool as nail polish since they come in an array of prints, colors, and finishes. Jamberry was launched in 2010 by three sisters who wanted to create a fun and inexpensive way to keep nails looking fresh and polished.

When shopping for Jamberry nail wraps, you can choose by category such as Animal Instinct, Garden Party, Muddy Girl, Sparkling Solids, and Sports and Hobbies. You can also make your selection by colors like pink, red, gold, black, silver, purple, white, orange and blue or finishes like metallic, matte, sparkle, and clear. There are so many choices for you to pick from in each category as well. For instance, the Animal Instinct category has Funky Cheetah, Gold Leopard and Mermaid Tales, the sparkle category has choices like Cosmic, Fierce Fuchsia and Sparkling Marsala and the orange color category features Cake Pops, Grapefruit and Sunny Lotus.

Nail wraps from Jamberry are like stickers that cover your nails. They have more than 300 designs to choose from and last for up to 14 days on your fingernails and 6 weeks on your toenails. One sheet of Jamberry wraps contain enough for at least 2 manicures and 1 pedicure. They form a water-tight seal due to the fact they are heat activated and pressure activated. These nail wraps will not dry out, fade or chip and there is no smell to them at all.

Jamberry nail wraps come in sheets with oval decals in different sizes because of the fact that everyone has different fingernail and toenail shapes. The nail wraps come with complete, clear instructions showing you how to not only apply them but remove them as well.

  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    My friend sells these. I think some of the styles are really cute.

  2. Jeanine says

    I love jamberry. I hate how everyone I know sells them so it’s all they talk about but I do really think they are great!

  3. Heather says

    I just ripped off my acrylics. I want to try these.

  4. Liz Mays says

    I need to check out their designs. It’s so nice to have some pretty nail wraps for different occasions.

  5. Pam says

    I know these are very popular and it is always easier to try something when you have info like this to help you figure out the product. I love some of their designs.

  6. Pam says

    I’ve heard so much about Jamberry. I need to try them out!

  7. Amber NElson says

    I have never used these nails, but have always been curious.

  8. Catherine S says

    What a great guide. I don’t paint my nails, but I may try this.

  9. Lois Alter Mark says

    I really want to try these. There are so many cute designs!

  10. Ashley Gill says

    Great video! The first time I applied Jamberry I had a lot of questions. This video explains everything!!

  11. Mykidsguide says

    I am so behind nail trends. I NEED to upscale my knowledge. This art looks nice

  12. April G says

    I have friends that have sworn by Jamberry nail wraps. It really is a fantastic company.

  13. Megan @ C'mon Get Crafty says

    I’ve thought about trying Jamberry wraps, since I take no time at all to make my hands pretty. I will splurge on pedicures for summer.

  14. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I have friends that use Jamberry nail wraps. I have always wanted to try them. They have so many cool designs to choose from.

  15. Toughcookiemommy says

    I keep hearing such great things about these Jamberry Nail Wraps. I get acrylic on my nails and I have been told you can apply them on top of that too.

  16. HopscotchNJellybeans says

    My friend sells these I need to try them. I always say I will but never do. UGH it looks simple enough too

  17. mburbage says

    My friend started selling these and I tried a few but I don’t know what I do, they always come off fast. Same with my daughters. Be great if they did stay on though I LOVE all the designs so bright and colorful. Maybe I need to try again

  18. Lisa Rios says

    Jamberry collections are always amazing and its my favorite too. Its really a great guide. I really love the colors you have shared here. I need to try them for sure. Thanks a lot for sharing the tips and tricks video.

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