7 Books Your Teens Should Read This Summer

7 Books Your Teens Should Read This Summer

Encouraging a love of reading in your kids lives is hard, but these 7 Books Your Teens Should Read This Summer are perfect to keep them engaged, excited and ready to read more. A few classics, some modern hits and a couple of great new authors are on this list in the realm of great young adult fiction. Some of these topics include some adult themes, but depending on your teen, these should easily be something they need and will enjoy reading.

7 Books Your Teens Should Read This Summer

Island of the Blue Dolphins: This book is a great story based on a true story. The book is about the life of Karana as she survives by herself on an island. It’s a great story about how she is able to survive providing her own food, shelter and protecting herself until eventually discovered. While this is a book that is about a child, you follow as she grows up. It’s a great classic that teens should read to learn a bit of history as well as more of the hard work ethic.

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Love Bites: If your kids are into Vampire books, this debut from Melissa Francis is a great choice to add to your list. Focused on teenage vampires and warlocks, it is a fun tale that weaves in and out of a modern blended family and approaches some tough subjects. It is definitely something that is geared toward older teens, and should be reviewed a bit by parents before letting them read due to sensitive subject matter.

Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes: With movies and television shows over the last decade focusing on this much loved character, it is time your teens read the book that is behind the modern day adaptations. They’ll see much of what they love, but also a much different look at the character and his brutal honest ways.

The Painted House: While a bit violent in areas, this book is a great look at small town Arkansas in 1952. The life and times of a family of cotton farmers, and the migrant workers they hire. There is murder, mystery and injustice throughout the book that was legitimate for the time it was set. A great book to teach about race, culture, greed and how far society has evolved in the last 50+ years.

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Divergent Series: These books have gained a lot of popularity over the last few years and since the conclusion movie is right around the corner, it is a great book your teen should read this summer. The story follows a young girl as sh learns who she is and battles against evil in her time. It is an excellent read to provoke thoughts of how things aren’t always as they appear.

Diary Of Anne Frank: This may be a part of school reading, but if not this is a perfect example of what a teen should be reading. To understand the frustration, pain, fear and heartache of the Holocaust is detailed in this real life diary chronicling the life of this infamous young Jewish girl.

Bridge To Terabithia: The Disney movie made this popular a few years back, but the book is a classic that must be read. This is a story of younger kids who create a magical world of fantasy. While set around younger kids, it is still a great choice for teens since it is a great story of imagination as well as friendship.

These books your teen should read this summer are great because they are a perfect setup to talk to your children about life choices. Whether it is love, work, race, culture or creativity, they will be great talking points for all of you to discuss and learn from.

  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    My son loves a good mystery, so I think that the Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes would be perfect for him.

  2. Elizabeth O. says

    I am encouraging my teen son to read a lot during the summer. These sound like great books. We will check them out.

  3. dogvills says

    Island of the blue dolphins i recommed this to my niece its interesting i think . Coz it based on a true stories

  4. Lalia @ Found Frolicking says

    I have to admit I only read one of these as a teenager! It was “Bridge to Terabithia.” There were several of these I did have on my list to read eventually, but I never got around to them and read many other books instead.

  5. Lisa says

    Great list! I can’t wait to show my daughter it and head to the library!

  6. Holly @ Woman Tribune says

    Great book recommendations! I would actually love to read the Divergent series as an adult.

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