Fashion Tips for Summer Clothes

Fashion Tips for Summer Clothes

Summer is absolutely horrible for the majority of us between the heat, the sun and the sweating, it is enough to drive anyone crazy. The last thing on our minds at this point is fashion but there are some great fashion tips for summer clothes.

Skin-Tone Garments

If you wear white T-shirts or any other kind of white shirt in the summer, you don’t want to wear your favorite black bra underneath. You also don’t want to wear a white bra but instead opt for a nude color bra. This is especially true if you have a tan since your bra will blend in with your skin and become nearly invisible.

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Jeans and summer go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. While jeans are pretty much popular all year long, jeans seem to be the favorite of the summer. For outdoor events, jeans and dressy top work well together. For a cool, comfortable look, combine a pair of your favorite jeans with a basic white T-shirt.


T-shirts go well with everything from shorts to jeans to pants. Be sure that you have an array of color choices in your closet so they can be paired with different outfits.

Tunic Tops

Tunic tops are the ideal piece to cover up when you are at the beach or worn with a pair of shorts for a cool and comfortable summer look. Choose tunic tops in patterns and bold colors to create an outfit that is eye-catching.

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Summer dresses will help you create a look that is cool and glamorous. You should have four different dresses in your closet for summer. You want to have a summer beach dress that you can wear alone on a trip to the beach or paired with a pair of pants for a casual look. Another dress to have is a summer day dress, which is great for casual summer activities. A work dress is a must-have that looks conservative as well as professional. Lastly, you want to have an evening dress for a night on the town.

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