Minion Pool Noodle – Summer Fun and Crafts for All Ages

Minion Pool Noodle - Summer Fun and Crafts for All Ages

Do you have Minion fans in your house? If so, take a look below at how simple it is to craft your own pool noodle Minion! Perfect for parties or just to pass a rainy afternoon, this Minion pool noodle craft is easy for children to do as well as budget-friendly. Here is how you can get busy crafting your own.

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Supplies Needed:

Yellow pool noodle
Googly eyes (large works best)
Black and blue craft foam or paper
Serrated knife
Hot glue, glue gun


1. Begin by cutting the body of your Minion. You want to cut the pool noodle about 4 inches in length. Your serrated knife is perfect for this task.

2. You can now add your Minion’s clothing. Cut out a thick strip of blue paper or foam. Wrap it around the pool noodle and secure with glue. These will look like your Minion’s jeans.

3. Add the face of your Minion. Begin by cutting a 1 inch strip of black foam or paper and wrapping it around the top of the noodle. Secure with glue. Add some glue to the large googly eye and place it in the center of the pool noodle. Or, you can opt to make a two eyed Minion.

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Your pool noodle Minion is now complete. If you wish you can create a whole family of Minions using just a few sheets of foam or paper and one long pool noodle.

If you love Minions, gather your supplies and try making one of these pool noodle Minions for yourself!

  1. Dina says

    there’s nothing better than a quick and easy craft! This one looks like one my kids could do by themselves. i’m going to get the stuff and let them.

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  3. Lisa Nolan says

    What a creative idea for a noodle! My son would like doing this for sure!

  4. Heather Swarthout says

    We are getting a pool tomorrow and my daughter loves the Minions. This is a must do!

  5. Carol Cassara says

    I am always in awe of moms who find time to do this kind of craft. And what a clever one, to boot!

  6. Misty Battle says

    Oh my so cute. My twins would get a kick out of this. They love the Minions. I would have an army around here.

  7. Michelle Hwee says

    This is awesome! Perfect for the Summer and the new movie coming out! Love how easy it is to make!!

  8. Uplifting Families says

    These are adorable. I love the Minions and I’ve noticed that they are popping up everywhere.

  9. Elizabeth O. says

    This is too cute! We have two minion crazy fans here and they’d love that. Thanks for sharing.

  10. This is such cute craft. My kids love the Minions. We’ve made a valentine box into one before.

  11. rocky says

    So cute and easy , I might make one… Thanks for sharing.

  12. Lisa Rios says

    This is such a cute idea. This looks so fun and creative & the directions looks easy to understand as well. I am sure my girls would definitely love doing this kind of crafts.

  13. Rebecca Swenor says

    I am totally in love with the Minions so I have to make these for sure. I have my nieces and nephews I can make them for and they are so easy to make too. Thanks so much for sharing,

  14. Debbie Denny says

    Oh that is so awesome. So cute and creative.

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