What to do if Your Teen hangs out with a Bad Friend

What to do if Your Teen hangs out with a Bad Friend

Teens flock to other children for reasons that parents don’t understand all of the time. In some cases, these “friends” are a negative force in your child’s life, and you won’t understand the friendship unless you dig a little deeper. It is important to listen to your child when you ask questions about the friendship, and come up with a real solution that makes sense for your teen.

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Discuss Detrimental Behaviors

As teens hang out with their friends, they often develop some of their friends’ bad habits and attitudes along the way. It is important to discuss these behaviors and ask your teen why they are compelled to act the way their friends do. Most likely, the answer is that they want to fit in. Fitting in is great, but not when it affects someone else’s character.

Choose your words carefully, but express to your teen that these behaviors and attitudes are not attractive and can lead them into situations where trouble can occur. Explain that making good choices in friendships is important and that people are judged by the company they keep.

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Ask about Similarities

It’s important to know why your teens hang out with certain people. Ask them about the similarities or common ground that they share with these people. Your teen probably thinks you’re prying for information, and you are, but it’s best to approach it as wanting to understand why they get along.

Teens are likely to get defensive when they’re asked about their friends. Explain that you just want to know about their life, the people in it and why they like them. There’s nothing wrong with that. Inform your teen that it is important to choose friends that complement them, rather than those that make them stand out in a crowd for the wrong reasons.

  1. Terri Ramsey Beavers says

    Thank you so much for the information. It’s a topic I worried about when my kids were teens and now that I have two preteen grands, I am concerned as well. Your information is very helpful.

  2. Chelley @ AisForAdelaide says

    Due to my own teen years, I totally fear this! Great advice… I am going to save this!!!

  3. Lyndsey Jones says

    This is a very informative post and full of valuable advise. It’s always hard finding that balance when dealing with teens. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  4. Patrice M Foster says

    Teenagers growing up can become rebellious. I never understood why some kids just choose to hang out Bad friends and start acting like them. A great concern for me . Your article was helpful

  5. Amanda says

    Asking about similarities between your child and the troublesome friend is a great way to gain some insight into the friendship. And maybe thinking about the fact that they have nothing in common would rid yourself of the troublesome friend as well!

  6. I had a few bad friends growing up too. My mom explained the consequences of hanging out with the wrong crowd. It helped.

  7. Elizabeth O. says

    These are great tips. Thankfully my kids’ friends were all brought up well and they are from good families.

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