Getting Rid of Blackheads Naturally

Getting Rid of Blackheads Naturally

Chemical based pore removal processes can leave your skin damaged. There are dozens of natural ways to rid your skin of unsightly and troublesome blackheads. Blackheads trap oil and toxins inside your pores. They can be tough to remove, but the three options below are proven, natural methods for blackhead removal that cost pennies on the dollar to create.

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Use Clay Facials

Not just any old clay will work for this application. Bentonite clay is the proper material. It is a mineral rich clay that helps draw out oils and toxins from the skin. For this application, mix just about a tablespoon with a small amount of water. Slather on just a thin layer and allow it to dry about half way. This is when you’ll remove the clay and apply moisturizer if your skin feels a touch too dry after removing the clay.

Egg White Masks

Egg whites are great for your skin and help tighten your pores to prevent future blackheads. With this, you will simply separate an egg and slightly beat the white, just to loosen its structure. Use your fingers and apply just a small amount of the egg white to your face. Use a piece of toilet tissue or paper towel, and lightly press it onto the wet egg whites. Allow it to dry and peel it off quickly.

Make your Own Pore Strips

Rather than spending too much on pore strips at the local department store, you can make your own at home with just strips of cotton (gauze also works) and a couple of pantry items. One mixture is milk and honey. Honey acts as the adhesive while milk softens the blackhead for removal. Cinnamon and honey is another combination that works well. These mixtures work better when they are slightly heated in a microwave.

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These options will help keep your pores open and healthy. The minerals and nutrients in the ingredients for these home remedies also help maintain the overall health of your skin. Keep these items on-hand as you never know when a pesky blackhead is going to show its face.

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