How to Create a Princess Themed Bedroom

How to Create a Princess Themed Bedroom

If you have a little princess that loves fairy tales, they will love having their own bedroom decked out in a princess theme.

The first thing you will have to figure out before you start this project is what kind of princess room is this going to be. Does your daughter want a specific princess themed room or just a general princess themed room? Some girls like Snow White, others like Cinderella, others like Jasmine and others just like all princesses in general.
Once you have made the choice of a specific princess room or a general princess room, you can now determine the color scheme of the room.

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For the most part, a general princess room is pink or pink with purple. For specific princesses, you can use the colors that are associated with the clothing they wear. For instance, Snow White is yellow and blue, Cinderella is light green, yellow and white, Jasmine is light green, Ariel is red, green and white, Anna is blue and purple, Elsa is light green, Pocahontas is beige and Belle is yellow and white.

If you really want to add dynamics to the princess themed bedroom, a canopy bed is a must-have. Canopy beds provide a fairy tale feel to any bedroom. For the bedding, mostly all of the princess characters have themed bedding. You can also opt to use bedding in the same color scheme as the room. For instance, for Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, you can either use themed bedding or the colors associated with her which are light green, brown and yellow. In this case, you could choose light green sheets, a brown comforter and yellow pillowcases.

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Window treatments in a princess themed room can either have curtains that match the bedding or silver drapes, since silver is often a color associated with the princess theme. Silver is the color most often used for the princess shoes or their tiara.

For the finishing touches, add in some throw rugs and lamps along with tiaras displayed around the room and your little princess will be elated with her new bedroom.

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