How to Soothe Back to School Blues in Teenagers

How to Soothe Back to School Blues in Teenagers

Back to school can be a stressful time for students, especially if they are teenagers. With all of the pressures of middle school and high school, the back to school season can be a time of anxiety and worry. If you are a parent of a teenager, check out these tips on how to soothe back to school blues in teenagers. The back to school season can in fact be a happy time, not one of stress and worry. Here is how you can help.

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Enlist the help of friends.

Enlist the help of your teen’s peers to get them excited about back to school. Invite them to dinner and encourage some positive time spent together. This time can be used to get excited about the return of the school year together, talk about goals, check out class schedules, and just help them get back into the groove.

Be open to conversation.

Let your teen know that you are easily approachable and ready to listen should they want to talk. Let them know your door is always open and if they want to vent any fears or concerns you are there to listen. While you may not have every answer, let them know you are always doing the very best you can. Just keeping this line of communication open is beneficial.

Treat them to some back to school goodies.

While they will need the back to school basics like pens, pencils, and paper, treat your teen to a “feel good” item such as the sweater they have had their eye on or the bag they wanted. Treating them to an item they enjoy to give them a boost of confidence can certainly help.

Use positive talk.

Use only positive words and phrases when referring to school. Speak about it positively and don’t put down the school or staff in front of the child. Speak in an encouraging manner even when it is difficult. Displaying a positive attitude can keep your teen more positive which helps in the long run.

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Enjoy healthy habits together.

Be sure your teen is partaking in healthy habits. She should be getting at least 8 hours of sleep per night, drinking 8 glasses of water per day, and getting plenty of exercise. You also want to encourage healthy eating habits and find ways to release tension such as journaling. Doing so can help her feel her best and also keep her in a more upbeat and positive state of mind.

This new school year, help your teen get off on the right foot. Soothe her back to school blues by giving these tips a try and enjoying the start on a more positive note that you can both be happy about!

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