How to Stop Your Cat From Keeping You Awake All Night

How to Stop Your Cat From Keeping You Awake All Night

Cats have a natural sleep cycle that is total opposite from our sleep cycle. While it is true cats can sleep a long time, they are often most active during the overnight hours. So, what does this mean for you? It means while you are trying to get some shut-eye, your cat wants to play, pounce or attention. However, there are some things you can do to stop your cat keep from keeping you awake all night.

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Make sure there is no medical cause first

The first thing you want to do is to be sure that there is no medical causes for your cat being active so much at night. Sometimes cats that are in pain or experiencing discomfort will wander around meowing constantly. If this is the case, a vet can diagnosis the problem.

Close the bedroom door

This is a pretty obvious solution to the problem but one that may have other problems behind it. Yes, it will keep your cat out of your room so you can sleep, it may cause your feline to incessantly scratch at your bedroom door and cry rather loudly all night.

Wear some ear plugs

Which brings us to our next solution: ear plugs. If you close your bedroom door and you don’t want to hear their constant crying and scratching, just pop in some ear plugs and you will sleep soundly. Some people think this solution is a bit cold and heartless, it is a solution nonetheless. It really all depends on how long your cat stays outside your door before they figure out that you aren’t letting them in and give up.

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Tire your cat out before bed

So, a more logical solution may be to tire out the kitty so they will sleep right along with you at night. Cats are naturally active at night but if you play with your cat during the day and then again an hour before bed, it may just tire them out. All you need is a feather toy or laser pointer and they will be entertained with no problem.

Get your cat their own bed

If part of the nighttime problem is that your cat sleeps on your bed, or rather climbs all over you at night while they try to get comfortable, get them a pet bed of their very own. This way, they can sleep in their own space and you won’t have to deal with the climbing act.

  1. jo says

    This is so funny. I do not have pets but fish. I guess I should share this post with my neighbor who love hers dearly. And another friends who even adopted a stray cat… then it got pregnant. So now I think she’s got 7 of them at home. She’ll definitely need these tips!

  2. fallenrhainnes says

    cats don’t disturb my sleep since i don’t have one yet. But i didn’t have any idea of tips how cat can’t distract you from sleeping until this read. Thanks for sharing a nice tips!

  3. Maria Teresa Figuerres says

    It seems as if cats are like humans, too. We don’t have cats at home, so I have no idea how to properly care for them. Now I do, thanks to your post.

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