Alternatives to Candy to Hand Out on Halloween

Alternatives to Candy to Hand Out on Halloween

It seems that Halloween is focused around sweet, sugary candy. Candy is the only thing on the mind of most kids when it comes to trick or treating. This year, why not hand out fun surprises instead of cavity inducing candy? Here are some great alternatives to candy to hand out on Halloween.


What kid doesn’t love stickers? You can choose sticker sheets featuring Halloween themes like ghosts or pumpkins. You can also choose pretty much any theme like superheroes, Disney princesses, sports or foods. Kids love stickers because they can be used to decorate books and folders.

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School supplies

Since the school year just started pretty much, kids can never have enough school supplies. These alternatives are practical and they are cheaper than the cost of candy. Erasers, pencils, pens or rulers are all great ideas.

Temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos are another item that are popular with kids. You could choose Halloween-themed tattoos or choose other designs like animals or sports team logos.

Glow sticks

Kids can use these to stay safe in the dark while they finish the rest of their trick or treat duties. Before you know it, the street will be crackling with lots of glow light colors.

Sugar free gum

If you absolutely need to give out some sort of sweets, make it sugar free gum instead of traditional chocolate bars. Sugar free gum is better for kids than chocolate or regular gum.

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Kids love bubbles and they do a great job of keeping kids entertained. Instead of candy this year, hand out party favor sized bottles of bubbles.

Individually wrapped snacks

Individually wrapped snacks make ideal alternatives to candy. You can hand out things like fruit snacks, Goldfish crackers, granola bars, pumpkin seeds, pretzels, raisins or cheese sticks.

Dried fruit

You want to choose dried fruit that doesn’t have added sugar or preservatives. Choose fruit such as banana chips, raisins, dried apples or cranberries.

  1. Farrah says

    I think these alternative are wonderful ideas. I think kids get way too much candy on Halloween. My kids love temporary tattoos, so that may be one we consider handing out.

  2. Great ideas! We handed out temporary tattoos along with the candy last year, but I really love the glowsticks idea!

  3. Mizuki says

    Thank you for sharing those great ideas! I agree, let’s stop giving sugar candies and chocolates during halloween as it endangers our teeth and health, especially the kids! lol I’d prefer giving them sugar-free gum, temporary tattoos and bubbles, because who doesn’t love bubbles? 😉

  4. Brandy M says

    My son loves temporary tattoos. He always puts them on. He has to hide them so that school doesn’t see them. LOL

  5. Liz Mays says

    I always totally loved fun pencils! At the time I was always bummed it wasn’t candy, but the next day I was so excited!

  6. Jeanine says

    I love the tattoo idea. Last year we gave out organic, less sugar suckers (i bet they loved that) with a pencil, eraser and stickers. LOL my kids loved it.

  7. Toughcookiemommy says

    I think these are great tips for candy alternatives. I like for kids to enjoy the holiday and generally don’t stop them from eating candy.

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  9. Travel Quest says

    I love Halloween the pumpkin, dress up and the beauty of the fall. Thanks for sharing this wonderful ideas of halloween celebration.

  10. Anna says

    Yes I agree, kids can use the school supplies and other fun stuff for a change.

  11. Jessica Cassidy says

    I like dried fruit. It is better and healthy than regular candies and chocolates.

  12. papaleng says

    Though tabboo ang Halloween sa house still for those celebrating the event a sugar free gum is a good substitute for candies.

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