Pick Up The Hottest Trends In Eyewear: At Hakim Optical’s Back To School Sale #B2SHakim

Pick Up The Hottest Trends In Eyewear: At Hakim Optical’s Back To School Sale #B2SHakim

Fall 2015 is upon us, and that means that it is Back-To-School season! There is nothing more exciting than lacing up your brand new sneakers, putting on your hottest Back-To-School outfit, and heading off to school to strut your stuff and see all of your friends after summer vacation is over. The Fall 2015 fashion trends for Back-To-School are more exciting than ever, and we have put together a list of what you need to know about this Fall’s fashion throughout the first few weeks of school. And, for those of you who wear glasses – there are some great Back-To-School looks available at Hakim Optical’s Back-To-School Sale! At Hakim Optical you can currently save 50% every time you purchase two pairs of their trendy prescription eyeglasses.

Pick Up The Hottest Trends In Eyewear: At Hakim Optical’s Back To School Sale #B2SHakim

First of all – tribal everything! Tribal prints are still very popular and very in style for Fall 2015. Although, those neon green and pink Aztec print leggings aren’t going to make the cut. For Back-To-School fashion, everyone is rocking more earthy tones and natural colors. Tribal prints are still very hot, but you may want to settle on a more neutral pattern. The less loud the colours, the better. Browns, grays, black, and soft blue colors make a beautiful tribal pattern on pants, shirts, and even your Back-To-School backpack.

Pick Up The Hottest Trends In Eyewear: At Hakim Optical’s Back To School Sale #B2SHakim

Another Fall 2015 Back-To-School fashion trend that we are loving is floral print sneakers. Everybody needs a new pair of sneakers to kick off Back-To-School. Why not get a pair of some of the super fun floral print sneakers to spice things up, there are different variations of the style carried by every major shoe brand. Speaking of sneakers, athletic wear is still very hot going in to the Fall 2015 teen fashion season. Working out and overall fitness is very trendy right now – and workout gear is not just yoga pants and a T-shirt nowadays. When you are doing your Back-To-School shopping, be sure to check out some new workout clothes. They are super fashionable, super comfortable, and super convenient – right after school, you can head straight to the gym and you won’t even have to change!

Back-To-School clothes are super important, but so are accessories! Not all of us were blessed with 20/20 vision, so that means picking out a hot new pair of glasses for the Fall 2015 season. Wearing glasses can actually be a blessing in disguise – because glasses are totally in for this Back-To-School season. Seriously, you are going to see kids rocking specs that don’t even need them to see! The “smart glasses” look is very fashionable right now.

Pick Up The Hottest Trends In Eyewear: At Hakim Optical’s Back To School Sale #B2SHakim

Hakim Optical is by far our favourite place to shop for Back-To-School glasses for the Fall 2015 season, and they always have the hottest trends available in eyewear.

Right now is the time to save on your glasses! As part of the promotion, you can visit their coupon page and save up to $300! I was truly shocked when I realized that you can get two pairs of kids’ glasses for just $98. Where else are you going to find trendy Back-To-School glasses at such a bargain? On top of the coupons and Back-To-School sale, you can also join in on Hakim Optical’s Back 2 School Vote to Win contest until September 21st – and you will be entered in to contest to win gift certificates for additional savings.

We want to wish everyone good luck heading back to school in the Fall 2015 season, and don’t forget to keep some of our fashion tips in mind when you go Back-To-School shopping. And, if you are one of the awesome kids who get to wear trendy glasses on the first day of school – make sure you visit Hakim Optical’s official website for all of your fashionable eyewear needs!

Disclaimer: “Although this post has been generously sponsored by Hakim Optical, the opinions and language are my own.”


  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    I have had my same lenses for about 3 years. I think it’s just about time for me to get some new glasses.

  2. Jeanette says

    I didn’t get new glasses for about 6 years, I just got some last year finally and I love them! I wish knew about this place when I was looking, they look like great quality and that price it AWESOME!

  3. Alli says

    I love those floral print sneakers AND the eyewear! I totally agree that accessories are important as well.

  4. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle says

    That is some fantastic pricing. Glasses can be SO expensive.

  5. Megan Elford says

    Hakim is my favourite place to buy glasses. They always have a great selection and the staff is always super helpful!

  6. rika says

    I lost my glasses. I haven’t purchased a new pair for years. Someone sent a pair to me but didn’t fit well

  7. Ourfamilyworld says

    This is so timely because I need a new pair of reading glasses. I haven’t tried Hakim, but I’ve heard so much about it. I’m heading over there to check.

  8. Michele D says

    We will be going very soon to update our glasses. I’ve grown to love the ones I have now.

  9. lisa says

    Thanks to fantastic vision insurance from my husband’s work, I am able to get a new pair of glasses each year. I love being able to switch up my eyewear style each year and these frames are fun!

  10. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I would love to get a few different pairs of glasses for different looks. With these prices i can do that.

  11. Lynndee says

    I just turned 40, but lucky me, I don’t need to wear eyeglasses yet. But I know eventually I will and I’ll make sure that I’ll be wearing trendy eyeglasses.

  12. CourtneyLynne says

    Omg totally loving the sneakers. They are so over the top girly! Just love them 🙂 perfect for back to school

  13. jo says

    Very stylish and they make a statement. i guess it will be easy ‘to be you’ with those options. I am and my husband says he needs a new pair of glasses too so I guess I’ll check them out.

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