BYOU Magazine’s “Girl Power” Issue Featuring Skai Jackson

BYOU Magazine’s “Girl Power” Issue Featuring Skai Jackson

Skai Jackson graces the latest fall issue of BYOU Magazine with a full exclusive interview and photos from our exclusive photo shoot with her. Since October is National Bullying Prevention Month, the maga selected the theme of Girl Power as the anti-bullying theme to help girls be their most powerful self and inspire them to support other girls rather than tearing them down. Skai does a great job of sharing some great girl power advice with BYOU Magazine readers.

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Here’s also an excerpt when BYOU Magazine asked Skai about her “Jessie” and “Bunk’d” character Zuri Ross…

BYOU: Your character Zuri plays a strong-willed girl; are you like her at all and do you feel she represents girl power?

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SKAI: “Zuri and I have some similarities—we are both sassy sometimes and know what we want. We also have some differences—our style is a bit different (though I love Zuri’s fashion skills)—but for the most part, Zuri and I are alike! I feel that Zuri has a huge part in girl power because she knows what she wants and also wants to achieve something. A lot of girls look up to me/Zuri because of those reasons.”

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