Halloween Games that Teach Kids Math

Halloween Games that Teach Kids Math

Halloween is a holiday that is a favorite with kids because of the fact that it is all about candy and other sugary sweets. However, there are also some educational benefits to the holiday as well. Here are some Halloween games that teach kids math.

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Count the pumpkin seeds

This is a fun game that kids will love while they are learning to count. Cut the top of a pumpkin and scoop out the seeds. You can have kids guess how many seeds are in each scoop or in the whole pumpkin. Then, have them count the seeds one by one and see who had the closest guess. Afterwards, you can wash, lightly salt and roast the pumpkin seeds for the kids to eat.

How many spider legs are there?

For this game, all you need is a bunch of plastic spiders. If there are several kids, divide them into small groups. If there are just a few kids, they can play individually. Give each person or group a handful of plastic spiders. Have them count the spider legs and write down or say how many legs are on one spider, five spiders or all the spiders in the group.

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Count pumpkins with number cards

For this math Halloween game, you will need 3 pieces of paper, writing utensils and rocks. Paint the rocks orange or black for a cool Halloween effect. Cut the three pieces of paper into fourths so you end up with 12 cards. Write numbers 1-12 on the cards. Mix up the cards and have one player draw a card. They are to put the number of rocks on the card that correspond with the number on the card. For instance, if they draw the 5 card, they need to place five rocks on that card.

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    These are fun ways to learn and the same time enjoy Halloween.

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