Healthy Halloween Kids Tips

Healthy Halloween Kids Tips

Halloween is the best time for kids to get dressed up in their favorite costume. It is the time of the year that kids get excited about candy, candy and more candy. As a parent, you want to let your kids enjoy the holiday but you also want to ensure that they keep with their healthy lifestyle. Here are some healthy Halloween kid’s tips so they can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Ensure they eat before they leave

In order to prevent them from having a snack attack with the candy while they are trick or treating, ensure they eat something before they head out. If they aren’t in the mood for dinner, at least have them eat something like some yogurt and fruit. This way, their appetite will be at least a little more curbed throughout the evening.

Add a glass of milk

When they are snacking on a piece or two of Halloween candy, have them accompany it with a glass of milk. This will help to balance out the candy and will provide them with a ‘full’ feeling so they won’t eat so much candy.

Use candy for baking

Put all that candy to good use: baking. Candies can be used in things like cookie and cupcakes. With the holidays coming up, there is also the famous gingerbread house that you can use the candy to build.

Limit consumption of sour candies

Candies that are sour are made with acid and increases chances of cavities. The ingredients list may list things such as citric, ascorbic, lactic, tartaric, fumaric or malic.

Make sure they brush

While teeth brushing is important, it is even more so around Halloween. Be sure the kids brush their teeth right after eating candy or other sugary sweet. If for some reason they can’t brush their teeth right away, at least have them munch on a carrot stick or piece of apple. This will help to lessen the amount of sugar on their teeth.

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