Applying Foundation So It Looks Natural


Foundation makeup can be a great asset to your skin since it can even out your skin tone and hide blemishes. However, it is important that your foundation has a natural look to it. Here is how to apply foundation so it looks natural.

Get your skin ready first- If you apply foundation to skin that is dry, it will only make things look worse. You want to create a smooth canvas for the foundation by first exfoliating your facial skin, then apply moisturizer.
Choose the right shade of foundation- To make your foundation look natural, it is important to choose the right shade of foundation. Test the foundation on your jawline and see how it compares to your neckline color. Also, if you have skin that is oily, choose a foundation that is oil-free whereas if you have skin that is dry, choose a foundation that is cream based and hydrating.

Don’t apply a glob of foundation- Remember the rule: less is always best, this will help to create a natural look for your foundation.

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Add some blush color on top of foundation- In order to achieve a natural look with your foundation, add a bit of blush onto your cheeks after applying the foundation. You just need a touch of blush color on the apples of your cheeks.

Use small tools to apply foundation- You want to take your time when you apply your foundation. Also, use a small brush to get those hard to reach areas. If you are using a large brush, you may miss some bits here and there. Hard to reach areas include those itty-bitty areas around your eyes and your nose.

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Test the foundation application in natural light- Before you head out the door after applying foundation, go outside with a mirror and check to see what your face looks like. Applying makeup in the bathroom is using artificial lighting and it may not look the same in the heart of natural daylight.

  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    I don’t wear makeup, but I think foundation definitely needs to be applied right. You don’t want that weird makeup line along your jaw 😉

  2. Elizabeth O. says

    This helps a lot, I don’t wear foundation at all, aside from not wearing make-up, I wouldn’t know how to apply it. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Amanda says

    I wear foundation just about every day but this post had a lot of great tips that I never even knew about. Can’t wait to try them out!

  4. Kelly Hutchinson says

    I was just trying to explain this to my daughter. You made it much more simple to understand!

  5. Cindy (Prime Beauty) says

    Great tips–matching your foundation to your skintone is the most important!

  6. victoria says

    This is really help me a lot. I love the foundation looks natural in my face.

  7. Ron says

    Truly good tip! I find this really helpful. Thanks for sharing this foundation tip.

  8. Nikki says

    |I don’t wear foundation but a cream and powder only, I think foundation is better that I’ve used.

  9. Ourfamilyworld says

    I rarely put on makeup and I’m really not good at it. This is going to help a lot. Thanks!

  10. Jeanine says

    This is great. I’m SO terrible at foundation so I generally skip it. But this is super helpful!

  11. ashleigh says

    Very great tips! It’s so important to make sure you look at the foundation in natural light.

  12. Rosey says

    If it looks natural, it can make all the difference in the world. If it doesn’t…boy, it can be bad. 😉

  13. mya.k says

    I do this and it helps a lot when you use moisturizer to make your foundation look more natural.

  14. mya.k says

    I do this and it helps a lot when you use moisturizer to make your foundation look more natural.

  15. mya.k says

    I do this and it helps a lot when you use moisturizer to make your foundation look more natural.

  16. Tiffany says

    Great Tips! I’ve only recently started wearing any sort of makeup and foundation was my biggest fear. I’m not scared anymore but I am alway very careful to apply it correctly, sparingly and to blend blend blend 🙂

  17. Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom says

    These are such helpful tips! I struggle with trying to achieve that perfect look too and some of these will help – like I don’t even use blush at all right now so will definitely try it out.

  18. Jenn Peters says

    Thanks for this! I’ve still so much to learn when it comes to makeup 🙂

  19. Kristen says

    great tutorial!!! thank-you!

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