Choosing a Stylish Handbag for Fall

Choosing a Stylish Handbag for Fall

For most women, their handbags are a part of the look that is being portrayed. Handbags reflect a woman’s own unique personal style. Here is how to choose a stylish handbag for fall.

Color- Color is an important choice when selecting your fall handbag. While many women tend to opt for a black handbag for the simple fact it is very versatile, opt for the colors of the season instead. You want to choose handbags that feature jewel tones and rich autumn hues. Consider colors such as burgundy, deep merlot, heather grey and taupe.

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Structured/minimalist- Structured and minimalist handbags are stylish and perfect for fall. These bags match well with the fluid styles of autumn and are very chic. Between the classic cuts, clean lines and structural shapes, you really can’t go wrong with these handbags. They are ideal for any outfit, including jeans and a sweater or a dress with a draped jacket.

Animal inspired- The fall season is all about patterns, textures and colors that are rich and warm. So, it should come as no surprise that animal inspired handbags are a huge fall hit. These bags are usually made with suede or leather and feature snakeskin, fur or hair. With all that and their metallic hardware, these stylish handbags are ideal for those chilly months ahead.

Inspired from the 70’s- If you were a big fan of the fashion from the 1970’s, guess what? The 70’s are making a comeback and they are making it big. The 70’s handbags were all about saddle bags and fringe. If you are looking for a minimalist way to etch the 70’s into fall, go with a saddle bag. Handbags that feature fringe are great when paired with flared jeans or skinny jeans.

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Large sizes- When it comes to stylish, fall handbags, remember one thing: the bigger, the better. Fall is all about over-sized handbags. The great thing is that most handbag styles are being made in large sized versions. Everything from satchels to totes to shoulder bags can be purchased in larger sizes.

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