Choosing the Perfect Shade of Lipstick

Choosing the Perfect Shade of Lipstick

Most women have several tubes of lipsticks in their cosmetic bags, some that is worn on a regular basis while others rarely get used. The reason for the rarely used ones are probably due to the fact that you loved the shade at the store when you bought it but didn’t like the shade so much when you first applied it. Here is your guide on choosing the perfect shade of lipstick.

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In order to choose the perfect shade of lipstick, it is important that you choose the colors that match best with your skin tone. As a general guideline, if you have white, pale skin, choose rose and red shades, for olive tone skin, choose shades that are browns and reds, for warm skin tone, choose orange and reddish brown shades and for cool tone skin, choose shades that are pink and purple.

When it comes to selecting the lipstick texture, there are several types for you to choose from. The most popular lipstick textures are those with a moist and creamy finish. Lipstick textures start at the mattes, which are long-lasting colors to glossies, which give your lips sheer coloring. When it comes to creamy lipsticks, these are best for those who have full lips since they make your lips appear firmer. When it comes to sheer lipsticks, these are best for those who want to add dimension to their lips, making them look plumper and fuller. Also, sheer lipstick shades are more natural and more subdued than creamy lipstick shades.

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Did you know that color as well as the tone of your lips have the tendency to diminish over the course of time. So, as you get older and you think your lips have lost their color and tone, choose a lipstick shade that contains a decent, creamy texture and stay away from the sheer textures.

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