How to Choose the Right Foundation For a Natural Look


Using a foundation can provide you with skin that is flawless-looking. However, many women make the mistake of not choosing the right foundation for them. Finding the right foundation is a must for natural-looking skin. Here is your guide on how to choose the right foundation.

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Find out what your undertone is– Your undertone will either be cool, neutral or warm. If you have cool undertones, your skin will have a tinge that is red, pink or blue. Look at the veins on your wrists, they will either be purple or blue and your skin will appear bluish in color when out in the sun. If you have neutral undertones, your skin is somewhere in-between pink/red/blue or yellow/peach/gold. The veins on your wrists will appear blue-green while your skin will look greenish when out in the sun. If you have warm undertones, your skin will have a tinge that is yellow, peach or gold. Look at the veins on your wrists, they will either be olive or slightly green and your skin will appear yellowish when out in the sun.

Decide how much coverage you want– Coverage deals with the transparency of the foundation. High transparency features a strong coverage and hides facial imperfections while low transparency features a clear coverage and doesn’t hide facial imperfections. Do you want sheer coverage? Are you wanting to hide acne or discolorations? Do you want to achieve the airbrushed look? Maybe you want something in-between? If you are looking for sheer coverage, try using a powder foundation which provides you with the appearance of not wearing any foundation at all. If you have facial redness yet you still want sheer coverage, consider a mineral makeup since it offers complete coverage with a natural look. If you are looking for camouflage, try using a cream camouflage foundation. Camouflage foundation is designed to cover surgical scars, birthmarks and tattoos. If you are looking for an airbrushed look, consider an airbrush foundation. Airbrush foundation comes in cans and provides a smooth finish that you can’t get with other applications like brushes, sponges and fingers.

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Perform a foundation facial test– It is important that you try some different shades of foundation to see which ones are best for you and your skin. You will need to try the foundation in good, natural lighting. Also, wear a white shirt when testing since other colors have the ability to alter your tone. In addition, apply the test foundation along your jawline.

  1. Mardene Carr says

    Thanks for sharing this and I hope we all listen

  2. Ana De- Jesus says

    I have olive skin with cool yellow undertones it can be difficult to find a foundation that suits me.

  3. Karen says

    Interesting read, but I admit I don’t use foundation. A little mascara, a little eye shadow and a touch of lipstick and I am set.

  4. Urvi says

    Great tips for choosing foundation… Thanks for sharing

  5. Patrice M Foster says

    Love the natural look don’t like a lot of foundation or make up on my face feel like a mask. Never knew that I could run a facial test this is interesting would love to try. Great, thanks for sharing.

  6. Claire says

    These are great tips, I like a natural look at work but more coverage on a night out x

  7. Claudette says

    Not sure if the examples would suit my skin colour but I get the basic concept. Thanks for the info.

  8. michelle says

    thank you for sharing how to find your undertone as i had never had that explained before. happy to learn i have a neutral undertone

  9. Elizabeth O. says

    I don’t normally use foundation but this is interesting. Thanks for the tips, that would definitely help in case I need to use it someday without professional help!

  10. victoria says

    I really love the natural look in my face. I don’t wear a heavy make up.

  11. Rosey says

    I don’t know my undertone, but I should learn it. I could sometimes benefit from a natural looking foundation.

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