Norman Reedus Takes on Hoverboard Zombies on Jimmy Kimmel Live – VIDEO

norman reedus

Everyone loves Daryl Dixon. Scratch that. Everyone loves Norman Reedus! The Walking Dead star is a fan-favorite that easily rivals Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes. While doing some press, Reedus took on some hoverboard zombies while on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Check out the hilarious video!

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Norman, in Daryl Dixon form, searches for supplies in an abandoned parking garage. Armed with his signature crossbow, Daryl comes across a van stocked with hoverboards. Soon, a pack of walkers attacks on their scooters.

Dixon quickly jumps into action, dispatching the small herd of zombies. While the crossbow comes into play, his main weapon in defense of the hoverboard-riding walkers…stairs.

Speaking of Reedus and Lincoln, did you know they have an ongoing park war? On The Late Late Show With James Corden, Reedus explained his fun feud with his TWD co-star.

He was trying to plot, but he’s really bad at it to be honest,” Reedus confessed. “So the last day of shooting for this latest season, he walked into his trailer and I’d filled it full of chickens.”

“You filled his trailer full of chickens?” Corden asked. “Hold on, you were trying to get him back for something he hadn’t done yet?”

“Yeah, you gotta hit ‘em quick, you know what I mean?” Reedus asserted. “A good offense.”

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  1. Jeanette says

    I have never seen The Walking Dead. To be honest that show freaks me out. I did watch the video though it was quite funny.

  2. Elizabeth O. says

    I’ve seen this and I thought it was hilarious! I love Norman Reedus and I think he’s one of the best actors on the show. Thanks for sharing!

  3. christina aliperti says

    I have to admit that I don’t watch The Walking Dead. I know, I need to start ASAP. I do love Jimmy Kimmel though, he kills me and this is hilarious!

  4. Jeni Hawkins says

    I’ve never seen Walking Dead (not my kinda of show), but I do love Jimmy Kimmel! This was hilarious!

  5. Jeanine says

    My husband and oldest will love this. They love the walking dead and Jimmy so I will have to share this with them! So cool.

  6. Rose says

    I haven’t seen it. I think this is the show my son and his wife like so much though.

  7. Nikki says

    He is absolutely cool! I’ve never watched the episode 9, I’m so excited for that movie.

  8. Lynndee says

    I’ve only seen an episode of The Walking Dead and for me it was fun watching it. But I didn’t watch it again because my son got scared. 🙂

  9. victoria says

    honestly, I never was seen Walking dead I didn’t watch that show but all my friends were love watching walking dead. I really love Jimmy Kimmel!

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