At Home Spa Day – DIY Avocado and Cucumber Facial


We all need a spa day here and there. Facials are an easy spa day at home activity and this avocado and cucumber facial is great for the skin. The addition of Shea butter leaves your skin smooth and soft when you wash it off.


1 whole avocado
½ cup chopped and peeled cucumber
2 tablespoons Shea butter



1. Run ingredients through a blender until smooth and creamy. There should be no lumps (about 1.5 minutes on liquefy for the average blender.)

2. Apply liberally to clean dry face.

3. Leave on until dry and your face feels tight.

4. Wash off and enjoy your fresh face.

What is your favorite way to have a spa day at home? Let us know your tips and tricks for at home beauty treatments in the comment section below!

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  1. Elizabeth O. says

    That looks so refreshing, I bet your skin feels softer too after putting that on. Thanks for the easy tutorial!

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