Best Beauty Tips for Spring

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It’s almost spring! Try these spring-inspired beauty tips for a fresh look for the thaw of winter and warmer temps.

Use Serums instead of Moisturizers: Skin can get oily a lot quicker during the warmer months. A great way to combat this is to ditch the moisturizer, which can leave your skin a bit greasy, and use a lighter serum. They actually penetrate the skin better than moisturizers do, and still hydrate.

Ditch The Foundation: Foundations can look a bit heavy in the warmer months, when the sun is out a lot more. Use CC creams instead, it leaves your skin with a natural glow plus it contains SPF 30.

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Use Primers: These are a must. They help makeup adhere to your skin longer, and many of them also blur any imperfections.

Exfoliate: The key to glowing, gorgeous skin is exfoliating. You don’t want old skin building up on your face. It can make it look dull, dry and old lady like. Don’t go crazy though—you only need to do it about three times a week.

Waterproof Makeup Is A Must: As the weather gets warmer, many of us will find ourselves sweating or our faces just get oily. It’s important that you use makeup that can last through all of that. No smudging or having to redo your makeup every so often.

Oil Blotting Sheets: Ladies, there’s a difference between dewy skin and greasy skin. Make sure oil blotting sheets are a staple in your bag.

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Clean Out your Skin Care Products: Have you got half-full tubs and tubes of products you haven’t used for a year? Chances are you’re not going to in the next six months. Only keep what you’re using and if you’re not happy with your current regime, consider swapping it out.

Expiration Dates: Much like groceries, makeup has use by dates and it’s especially important to turn over products like eyeliner and mascara every few months to avoid potential irritation or infection. Consider how you store your makeup. Is it easy to see what you have and use more frequently.

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