Spring Beauty Essentials

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So, the spring season is upon us at last. Did you just realize that your beauty products still scream winter? Well, have no fear because you will be ready for spring in no time. Here are your top spring beauty essentials.

Sunscreen– If the sun is shining bright, you need to have sunscreen on-hand. It is probably the most important beauty essential you should have. Sun damage is not always seen right away and UVA and UVB rays can be extremely damaging to your skin.

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Dry shampoo– Dry shampoo is a must-have item for springtime. There will probably be times when you just can’t wash your hair like you normally would. This is when dry shampoo comes in pretty handy. Dry shampoo is designed to get rid of any oils in the roots of your hair, providing your hair with body and manageability.

Tweezers– Tweezers are an essential item you really shouldn’t be without…ever! This little beauty tool can make a huge difference in how your eyebrows look. They are designed to provide your eyebrows with stunning definition.

Under eye concealer– Under eye concealer is something every woman should have in her makeup bag. This product is designed to make your skin look brighter and the best part, is that you can use this concealer to highlight your cheeks as well as your brow bones. It is the ideal beauty product to flatter every skin tone, waking up dull skin tones.

Black mascara– This is pretty much a no-brainer but it is worth mentioning at any point. It is a wonder what just a quick coat of black mascara will do to perk up tired eyes. Black mascara provides your lashes with a glossy black curl.

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Self-tanning mist– Self-tanning mist is an essential beauty product for those who want to have a sun-kissed color without the harm of the sun’s rays. A spray mist will allow you to get even coverage, providing you with a healthy glow that will look like you spent hours out in the sun or laying in a tanning booth.

  1. Ria C says

    Most of the items listed above are all found in my daughter’s beauty pouch. 🙂 I am really glad that she’s taking the time to care for her skin even at a young age. It’s a good way to instil good and proper hygiene.

  2. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen says

    I haven’t tried using dry shampoo yet and I don’t think it’s available here in the Philippines. Any recommended brand?

  3. Jessica Cassidy says

    These are very nice to have. I LOVED that it its even in a small purse i only I know how to put make-up on.

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