Teaching Your Child the Importance of Eating Healthy

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Parents do not realize but children imitate them at an early age. It is your role has a parent to talk, cook, and eat meals to influence your child to do it too. Be a role model with these tips.

Family Time: Eating meals together as a family shows that children tend to eat more fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. Family meals have also shown to improve academic achievement and self – esteem. So next you prepare a meal make sure everyone sits together and spends time together.

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Cooking Meals: Cooking meals with your children can be fun and educational. It can also make them interested in cooking in the future. Teach them how to make a balanced meal. If they see what you are cooking and they seem to enjoy it, you will have a higher chance for them to try it and actually like it.

Eating Habits: Try avoiding restrictions on foods for your child to eat. This can cause them to eat it more whenever they can get a chance. Make sure to always have a healthy attitude towards food.

Food Shopping: Try to involve your children in your shopping. This will help you figure out your child’s food preferences and to get you to teach them nutrition. Make sure not to overload on unhealthy things but still a little sugar won’t hurt anyone.

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Snacks: Get your kids to eat only in areas like your dining room or kitchen. Do not let them eat in front of a tv because it can lead to overeating. You should always let your kids eat the snacks they like but make sure to minimize their portions a day.

Outside Meals: Make sure to pay attention to want your child is eating at school by checking the school lunch program. Also make sure to choose healthier items for them to eat in restaurants. If you are really strict about what you want your child to eat, make sure to tell other parents of their friends to not let them eat certain things.

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