5 Ways For Teens To Make Money This Summer While School Is Out

5 Ways For Teens To Make Money This Summer While School Is OutSummer is right around the corner and that means school break! Obviously teens want to spend the summer hanging out with their friends, shopping, going to the movies, maybe even heading to a fair or amusement park. But, all of those things cost money – and unless you are one of the one percent with an unlimited spending account, your finances could put a damper on your summer social calendar.

Here are some creative ways for teens to make some extra cash this summer, so they can afford everything on their summer bucket list:


It’s a total cliché, but there is money to be made babysitting. However, in a lot of neighborhoods there are more kids looking for babysitting jobs than there are parents looking for babysitters. The competition can be fierce! You’ll want to start reaching out to potential customers before school is out. And, find ways to get a leg up on the competition, maybe offer some educational activities with your babysitting services, or get certified in first aid.

Get Crafty

If you are crafty – and have a knack for making jewelry, sewing, painting, or anything else up that alley, you could always join an online site like Etsy to try and sell your products. You will need your parent to help you set up the account if you are under 18 years old, but they’ll most likely be more than happy to help you if it means you making your own money.


Just because school is out for you, doesn’t mean there aren’t some less fortunate kids that aren’t heading to summer school, or in desperate need of a few refresher courses. If you excel in any subjects – make a couple fliers and hang them around school. And, make sure you hang them in areas where a parent will see them, they are much more likely to take the initiative to hire a tutor than their kids are. If you want to up your game, you could even get a few letters of recommendations from your teachers.

Clothes And Electronics

There are tons of nearly new stores in every city that are constantly advertising that they are buying back name brand clothes. If you have any clothes that you have outgrown or no longer wear that are in good shape – you can always take them to a nearly new store and see if they will buy them from you. Obviously you will want to check with your parents – they might not be too happy if you sell all your clothes. The same goes for video games and electronics, you might be able to find a store in your area that will buy any that you no longer use from you too. Once again, you will definitely want to get a parents’ permission, or bring the along with you to make sure you are getting a fair price.

Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

You might not want to spend your summer tied down teaching other kids or babysitting them, which is completely understandable, hey you’re supposed to be on vacation. You might want to consider pet-sitting or dog walking though. Summer vacation is when everyone is planning on taking a family trips out of town. And, they might not want to shell out the big bucks to put their pets up in a doggy day care for a week … and that is where you come in. Check with your neighbors and see if any of them have any trips coming up, volunteer to feed their pets, check on them, and take their dogs for a walk … at an affordable price of course.


  1. Michele says

    Those are all great ways for teens to make money over summer break. I remember working as a hotel camp counselor one summer–it was a blast!

  2. Tammilee Tips says

    I love these ideas for earning money for teens! I remember babysitting when I was a teen, teens can charge a lot more then we did back in the day.

  3. Scott says

    We hadn’t thought about dog walking, that’s a great suggestion. We’ve gone the other routes, but not that one!

  4. Carrie says

    Great tips! There is one more I would add and that would be lawn mowing!

  5. Bernadette Callahan says

    Pet sitting is another great option. My oldest daughter does dog walking.
    Baby sitting is a good go to, it is usually fairly easy to get started and can a great way to earn a decent amount.

  6. Toughcookiemommy says

    Dog walking and sitting is a great way for teens to make money during the summer. Lots of families like to go away and have someone take care of their pet.

  7. Ave says

    What a great list of ways to make money! I’d add camp counselor, car washing, and lawn mowing to the list too. I loved babysitting when I was a teenager.

  8. LIz Mays says

    My daughter used to take her gently used clothes to Plato’s Closet. She earned a fair amount of money from that!

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