Beautiful Nail Art Ideas for Summer

Beautiful Nail Art Ideas for Summer

So, summer is finally here! We have patiently waited and waited all winter long, and we jumped for joy when we first heard the birds chirping. Summer is the perfect time to change up your nail art. Here are some beautiful nail art ideas for summer.

Cupcake design– What a better way to motivate yourself to keep in shape this summer than with a cute cupcake nail design. Although, your nails may look so good that you will want to eat them.

Dotted ombre design– You may think that this is a complicated nail art design, but the truth is that there are only four easy steps. Instead of using the normal sponge method to create the ombre look, you can instead use a toothpick. You will still get the same beautiful results, but with a fresher look.

Floral accent design– Many women hesitate when it comes to doing accents on their nails. This floral accent tutorial doesn’t deal with intricate floral designs but still gives your nails that floral accent look.

Geometric tips design– Geometric tips design looks best with a French manicure. The geometric tips design gives your manicure a modernized look.

Faded floral design– Really, who doesn’t love a faded floral design for their nails? The faded floral design just looks so cool. With the faded effect, it is a great look for summer but it also gives your nails that 1960’s appearance.

Rose triangle design– The neat thing about the rose triangle design is that you don’t have to fill the whole nail with a rose design. The rose triangle look will provide your nails with beautiful summer flowers on your nails, with a very subtle approach.

Tulip tips design– Once you take a look outside and see the colorful tulips that are blooming around your neighborhood, you are certainly going to want to transfer that beauty to your nails.

Splattered nail design– Splattered nail designs are so cool because you can pretty much use the pastel or summer colors you love.


  1. Robin Masshole Mommy says

    I always have something fun on my nails. Right now I am sporting some beachballs 🙂

  2. coolchillmom says

    Oh I love your daisy nail art! I do need your suggestions. Wish me luck in copying you!

  3. Amanda Simkin says

    I’m typically not one to have fancy nail polish since my nails chip so much, but these are some absolutely adorable nail styles. So pretty!

  4. Liz Mays says

    Ooh, people are being super creative with their designs. I’d love to see more people trying some nail art like these.

  5. Elizabeth O. says

    It’s always so adorable to match your nails with the season. Although I don’t often color my nails, when I get bored, I go for summer colors because it’s always so lively and fresh! These nail art ideas are spot on!

  6. I bet they would look nice on any one’s nails, do you have any pictures or samples of those? From what I’ve read you’ve got to use a lighter primer/color first before the main color but I’m no regular when it comes to doing it.

  7. Christy Garrett says

    I love the fancy nail designs. I wish that I was able to make my nails super pretty. I used to get my daughter to paint mine sometimes.

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