How To Get New Summer Clothes For Extremely Cheap Or Even Free

How To Get New Summer Clothes For Extremely Cheap Or Even FreeWe all want the trendiest and coolest clothes in our summer wardrobe – but most of us can’t afford it. It’s no secret that looking good on the outside is the key to feeling good on the inside, there’s no bigger buzzkill like planning the perfect hang-out session with your friends and then not having anything good to wear.

If your finances are a little strapped this summer, and your parents have told you no more clothes shopping until school starts, it’s not hopeless! We put together some tips and tricks to help you expand your wardrobe and get some cool and trendy clothes for extremely cheap, and even free! That way you can look your best this summer, and feel even better!


Pinterest and YouTube tutorials are a marvelous thing. You may not be able to buy new clothes, but you can turn some of your old clothes into something completely new to you. There are tons of DIY clothing tutorials online to help you transform old jeans into adorable shorts and T-Shirts into nearly unrecognizable tank-tops.

Clothing Swap

Organize clothing swap with your friends. Invite everyone over for a fun afternoon, and have them bring clothes that they no longer wear or no longer fit them. You can even turn it into a great girls’ afternoon with snacks or pizza (you might not want to eat while you are swapping though). This way, you and your friends can trade clothes they no longer wear for something you no longer wear. Everyone wins!

Used Clothing Shops

Nearly new shops are popping up everywhere, and there are even retail chains like Plato’s Closet that only deal with name brands. No one ever needs to know that your brand new sundress is really only new to you, and actually gently worn and you only paid a fraction of the price. Also, if you are feeling extra adventurous, you could check out a salvation army or spend an afternoon yard-saling.

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  1. Cindy Ingalls says

    I’m not the best DIYer, but I do like the idea of repurposing items. I have done that since my high school days when torn jean were in style.

  2. Kendra says

    A clothing swap sounds like a great idea and it’s free!

  3. Elizabeth O. says

    Awesome ideas! I’ve never tried clothes swapping before, it sounds great and you don’t really have to spend any money. Aside from that, these are all great ways to save money on clothes.

  4. Liz Mays says

    These are great ideas. My sister and I used to swap clothes. We never organized a clothing swap though!

  5. Ashleigh Walls says

    My son love shopping at second hand stores. He gets excited when he finds a character that he really likes.

  6. Christina Aliperti says

    My cousins and I have swapped clothes for years lol. It was a great way to get more looks without asking our parents for more money.

  7. CourtneyLynne says

    Great ideas!!! When I was younger my friends and I would do clothing swaps all the time!

  8. Travel Blogger says

    My summer wardrobe is hurting right now. I need to add some new peices.

  9. Melissa Bernardo says

    These are great ideas. I love the idea of a clothing swap.

  10. Leigh Anne Borders says

    Great ideas. I am always looking for new clothes after the season.

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  12. Chei says

    This is great! i love shopping! 😀

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