Is It Time For You To Unplug – Social Media Might Be Wrecking Your Social Life

Is It Time For You To Unplug – Social Media Might Be Wrecking Your Social LifeIs it time for you to “unplug?”  So, you wake up every morning, and before you even go to the bathroom or brush your teeth you update your Facebook, skim through your Instagram newsfeed, check to see what your friends tweeted, and then peruse SnapChat and even post a few silly videos.  If this sounds familiar – then it’s definitely time for you to “unplug” this summer.

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We aren’t saying you have to go toss your smartphone in a hole in the backyard and bury it.  But, it might be time to limit your time on your phone.  If you actually added up the hours that you are spending scrolling through your social media apps, and not even talking to anyone, you would be mortified.  You are literally wasting away hours of your life every day watching other people live their lives.

“Unplugging” doesn’t necessarily mean never looking at your phone.  Choose a block of time every day and dedicate that time to emails, Facebook, games, social media, or whatever else you do all day long.  Then, make it a habit to only use your phone during that time.  You will be shocked by how much more free time you have on your hands, and you will begin to realize how much fun it is to go outside and live your life, rather than just monitoring your friends’ lives on your phone.

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Taking a social media sabbatical will actually improve your social life in the long run.  How many times have you gotten into petty disagreements with your friends over something ridiculous on Facebook or Instagram?  And, how many times have you missed out on activities with your friends or boyfriend or girlfriend because of some social media drama?  Think about it, you might even make some new friends in REAL LIFE, without having to send them a friend request.

Summer is already half over, don’t spend the rest of your summer staring at your phone screen and envying all of the fun everyone else seems to be having on social media.  Put your phone down, head outside, and live a little!

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  1. Robin Masshole Mommy says

    As a blogger, I can’t unplug, but I want to. All the time 🙂

  2. Wendy says

    Yes-agreed! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Annemarie LeBlanc says

    Sometimes people just seem to stay glued to their devices. I try my best to turn off my devices when I am with my family. They are more important than a message I need to respond to.

  4. LIz Mays says

    I do have to step away sometimes because life outside the monitor is what’s worth living. I try to take weekends off and travel as much as possible.

  5. Neely Moldovan says

    I sleep with my phone on airplane mode. I have to!

  6. TIffany VanSickle says

    I am on my phone a lot since I’m a blogger and business-owner, but I can sometimes get sucked in to Facebook on my personal account. I have a “quiet hours” mode on my phone that I set, and I try to remember to put my phone on silent and in a different room when having family time.

  7. Michele says

    I don’t have that type of phone–but as a blogger I spend a LOT of time on my computer–too much time!!

  8. Brandy says

    What a neat topic to have, it’s interesting and so many debate it. I can see how social media can destroy your social life. My boyfriend and I detach at end of day – we both work from home and literally have a cut off time so we can end our night talking face to face, it’s important to keep that form of relationship with your partner and friends in real life!

  9. Adriana Lopez says

    sometimes it is godo to unplug I will have that chance in a few days I am so excited!

  10. Carrie says

    We love to go to the family cabin because we have to cell service and it is great to get away for a weekend.

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