Teen Relationship Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Teen Relationship Mistakes and How to Avoid ThemTeen relationships are perhaps the most volatile things on the planet. Emotions are at their highest levels and how you react to those emotions will often decide whether you have a lasting love story or a heartbreaking situation. The bottom line is that relationships are not always predictable. The best thing you can do is be careful and follow some basic guidelines to relationship success. There are, however, a few relationship mistakes that can be corrected. Here are a few common teen mistakes to watch out for and avoid:

Getting in a Serious Relationship Too Soon

As a teen, you are still learning about who you are. It is very hard to get serious with someone else that is having the same challenges. The pressure can really cause problems that you are not ready to handle at such a young age. For now, commit to nice and easy relationships and leave the serious stuff for later. You will have plenty of time for that down the road.

Never Staying Single

Many teens stay in a perpetual relationship with someone and never want to be single. This is logical because nobody wants to feel alone. The problem with this is that you can start to depend on it. Don’t settle for anyone simply because you want a relationship. Learn about yourself and enjoy being single now and then. You will gain the confidence you need to develop strong relationships with equally strong partners.


There are very few teens out there that are not at least a little jealous in their relationships. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend that seems interested in other people, set them free. You are not going to benefit from that type of relationship and should not spend your time being jealous. Jealousy never ends well. Let them go and you will feel better inside also.

Keeping Your Feelings to Yourself

Another common teen relationship mistake is keeping things bottled up. When you are in a relationship, you have to communicate about things. This means sharing things that bother you and things that you like. If you don’t ever put your feelings out there, you will never know a deep relationship. This is partially why it is vital to only keep things light while you are young. It allows you to develop those skills you will need to communicate with confidence.

Social Media Mishaps

These days, the way you behave online can cause a ton of problems. Nobody wants to be with someone that flirts on social media. Everyone sees this and it is disrespectful. If you are in a relationship, you have to be aware of the other person’s feelings at all times. This means online as well.

Teen relationship mistakes all seem to be connected to maturity levels. If you are mature for your age, you will probably have much better relationships than others your age. If not, then you certainly should take some time to get to know the real you before offering yourself to someone else.

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  1. BusyBee says

    Social media is the worst idea when dating no matter what the age.

  2. Kevin D. Rolle says

    Just make sure that the good that you are investing in the relationship is being reciprocated back to you and you should be fine.

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