6 Items You Don’t Need To Pack For Your College Dorm, Contrary To Popular Belief

6 Items You Don’t Need To Pack For Your College Dorm, Contrary To Popular Belief

Packing for college can be stressful for college freshmen.  What do you need in your dorm room?  Obviously, depending on your college, your needs may vary.  But, regardless of what school you go to – when you arrive you are going to be shocked by how small your dorm really is.  College freshmen are always scared they won’t have ENOUGH stuff, ironically when they start unpacking, they realize they have TOO MUCH.

College dorm rooms fill up fast!  And, while being prepared is always great, no one wants to live like they are on an episode of Hoarders.  There are lists of “Items To Pack For College” all over the internet, but we put together a list of items you should NOT pack for college.

Out Of Season Clothing

You will be shocked by the amount of closet space you don’t have when you start unpacking your college dorm.  Plus, the little bit of closet space you do have, you might need for other stuff.  Don’t pack up your entire wardrobe when you head off to college.  If it is Spring, obviously you won’t need winter coats or snow boats.  And, if it’s Fall, you probably won’t be needing too many pairs of shorts or sandals.


Nowadays most college dorm rooms ban pets of all kinds and sizes.  However, some colleges do let you keep fish, gerbils, or small reptiles.  Taking your pet along to college with you may seem like the perfect plan, but you will be reconsidering it on a hot and sunny day when you return from class and your dorm stinks.  Plus, the last thing you want is an issue with your new roommate, and they may not be as infatuated with your reptiles as you are.

Candles And Incents

Obviously, we all want our dorm rooms to smell amazing.  Cramped quarters can get a bit musty rather quickly.  But, you might as well save your energy and suitcase space on candles, because they are not allowed in dorm rooms.  Fire codes are pretty strict regardless of where you go to college, and they will just be confiscated.

Rugs And/Or Vacuum Cleaners

Some dorms are carpeted, and if that is the case, then the dorms also have a vacuum cleaner on standby to encourage their residents to keep their rooms tidy.  So, if your room is carpeted, you don’t need to bring along a huge vacuum cleaner or Shop Vac.  If you have a hard floor, and want to decorate with a cute throw rug, keep in mind that you will have to sweep it or shake it out to clean it, so keep it small.  Bringing along a huge area rug could prove to be more hassle than it is worth in the long run.

Your Entire Shoe Collection

Yes, we all go to college to further our education, but you want to look fashionable in the process, right?  Again, closet space is limited.  While you have good intentions and plan on dressing like a rockstar every day, you will realize pretty quickly that it’s easier to rush to class in pajamas and sneakers than it is in a skirt and Stilettos.  The best policy is to bring 1 pair of sneakers, 1 pair of dress-up shoes, and 1 pair of casual shoes.  When you go home you can always alternate your shoes to keep your wardrobe fresh.

Month Supply Of Snacks

If you are living in college housing, then your college has some sort of meal plan or cafeteria.  Or at least a place to eat real food on campus.  Packing enough snacks to feed a small army is a bad idea for many reasons.  First and foremost, your space is limited, and you should use what little storage space you do have for more necessary items.  Second, of all, nothing kills your social standing quicker than a bug infestation.  And…bugs like snacks.  Thirdly, packing on the pounds your Freshman year is a real possibility.  If you have junk food on standby, then the odds of you leaving your dorm to get a real meal are slim.  Remember, your mom won’t be there to remind you to eat your vegetables, you need to start looking out for your own health!

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  1. Anne says

    About out seasoned clothes, I myself even I am not living in dormitory, my closet is so small, I always sell some of the clothes or at least give them. Oh well, our college students should just bring all the necessary things, and left some of the stuff at home. Besides you would always go home no matter what right?

  2. Ria C says

    This list is very true. My daughter went through packing and unpacking the first few weeks in the dorm. We never allowed her to bring so much that it would be difficult to bring/pack them back home. Besides, her dormitory has limited space/closet for them so they are not tempted to bring their entire “bedroom” in the dorm.

  3. papaleng says

    I may agree with some of the items mentioned here. Pets, is a no-no talaga but the monthly supply of snacks, I have a different view.

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