Back To School Survival Kit For Teen Girls – 7 Emergency Items You Will Need To Stash In your Locker

Back To School Survival Kit For Teen Girls – 7 Emergency Items You Will Need To Stash In your LockerFall is right around the corner, and it’s time to kiss summer goodbye and head back to school. And, every teen girl needs a back-to-school survival kit. Think of that embarrassing First-Aid kit your mom lugged to all of your soccer games, only imagine it in a cute a flowery box or case, and packed full of things like chapstick and feminine products. During the summer we all tend to get pretty laid back and care free, preparedness isn’t exactly our strong suit, but soon you will be spending 8-10 hours a day in school, and you have to be ready for anything!

Your Back-To-School survival kit doesn’t have to look like your mom’s hideous First Aid bag, an old make-up bag will do the trick or small container or even a cute shoe box. Just remember, you want something small and inconspicuous that will fit in your locker, and not draw a ton of attention. Nothing is more awkward than one of your friends saying “Hey! What’s in the box?” and then spilling your feminine products all over the hallway floor.

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We put together a list of 7 things that every teen girl should pack in her Back –To – Survival kit. Obviously, everyone’s kit will vary a bit and be based on their own personal needs and lifestyle. Check out our list below, and feel free to share any other items you think are important in the comments below!
Spare Cash

There’s nothing more frustrating than realizing that you forgot your lunch money, or desperately need a drink out of the vending machine and have no change. Obviously, you don’t want to keep a ton of money in your school locker, that’s just asking for trouble, but enough emergency money for two or three school lunches is always ideal. And, if you use vending machines at school – it’s usually best to have change instead of bills. It’s a total bummer when you put your only $1 bill in the machine and for some odd reason it spits it back out at you.

Feminine Products

Every teen girl should have a stash of her preferred feminine products in her Back To School survival kit, for obvious reasons. And, you will want to have enough to get yourself through an 8 hour day. We all have a few horror stories we can tell you about when “that time of month” hits and you are totally unprepared, and they usually end in excruciating embarrassment.


It’s corny, we know. But, do you really want to have to run all the way to the nurse’s office because you got a paper cut that won’t stop bleeding or a hang nail? Plus, it could be a total ice-breaker if someone is in need of a Band-Aid. We’re not saying your future prom date is destined to get a paper-cut or anything, but hey you never know.

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Back-up Cell Phone Charger

Most schools have pretty strict cell-phone policies in place. But, if you play after school sports or are involved in any other clubs or extracurricular activities, it could definitely come in handy. Especially on one of those evenings that your mom is running late and you need a ride home from school.


So you head to the bathroom after lunch and glance in the mirror as you are washing your hands and BOOM, a huge pimple popped up right in the middle of your forehead sometime around history class and gym class. You are feeling super self-concious, you could always cover up the blemish with a Band-Aid. But, imagine how much better you would feel if you had a bottle of Cover-Up in your locker for that exact emergency!

Car Key

If you are one of the lucky teens that are privileged to have a driver’s license and a car – then it is always smart to stash a spare key to your car in your kit. If you somehow lose your car keys or lock them in your car, you don’t want to admit defeat and call your parents and ask for help, proving to them that you aren’t as responsible as you thought you were.

Toothbrush and Tooth Paste

No Back To School Survival kit will be complete without a toothbrush and toothpaste. One morning when you are half asleep and crunched for time, you will walk into class and realize to your horror that you forgot to brush your teeth. And, your survival kit will certainly come in handy. Also, it’s great to have an extra toothbrush on hand after you have a slice of garlic pizza for lunch.

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  1. Jenn says

    These are great tips, especially the back up charger for emergencies! I have only a couple of short years before my daughter is a teenager, they grow up so fast!

  2. Denise C says

    Deodorant! I have been known to forget to apply some when I’m super rushed in the morning.

  3. Kerri says

    I have girls who need this advice. I think I am going to make a kit for them to put in their locker of many of these essentials so that they are set for any emergency.

  4. valmg @ Mom Knows It All says

    Most of the items on the list make sense, particularly the bandaids and feminine products. Cell phones aren’t supposed to be used in classrooms here so if kids are listening the battery should last the day.

  5. Marcie W. says

    These are great suggestions and perfect for any teen girl on the go. Even my tween carries a small bag of essentials inside her backpack, just in case.

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