Back To School: Tips To Make College Move-In Day Simple And Stress-Free

Back To School: Tips To Make College Move-In Day Simple And Stress-Free

Heading off to college in the Fall should be a fun and memorable experience, however it usually turns in to a chaotic mess, and something always gets broken and someone always cries and has a level 9 meltdown in front of your new neighbors. There really is no way to have the perfect college move-in day, after all, it’s a huge life change – it’s going to be emotional and a bit hectic, however we have put together a list of some tips and tricks to make your college move-in day a success, or as successful as it possibly can be.

Pack The Car The Night Before

It seems silly, seeing as how you have probably been counting down the days for weeks, but without fail when college move-in day arrives, most teens are running around their house frantically and packing bags. The day before move-in, you should have everything completely packed and car loaded up. This way there will be no stress in the morning, and if you have a long drive ahead of you, you will be able to get out of the house on time.

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Arrive As Early As Possible

Imagine if your college dorm is 4 stories tall, and 100 kids live on each floor. Now, imagine 400 kids trying to move in all at once, with at least 2 or 3 family members in tow. You’re going to want to beat the rush, to save your own sanity. There’s nothing more frustrating than dragging a suitcase up several flights of stairs with your whole family following you while you try to push your way through the crowd.

Pack In Something Collapsible Or Disposable

Trash bags, laundry bags, and cardboard boxes aren’t the most attractive luggage – but those kids you see carrying their clothes in plastic bags are two steps ahead of the game. When they unpack, all they have to do is throw their “luggage away.” Meanwhile, you are not going to have any room in your tiny dorm for an entire set of suitcase or plastic bins.

Leave As Many Family Members At Home As Possible

We get it, your family wants to “see you off.” And, check out your new digs. But, the last thing you need is 8 family members sitting in your tiny dorm room while you are trying to unpack and staring at you. I will never forget how irritated I was on my first college move-in day when my new roommate brought along 3 carloads of people to help her “move in.” I couldn’t even make my bed because half of her family tree was sitting on it! Most colleges have a family day or homecoming a few weeks after school starts and you are settled in, that is the perfect time for you to invite everyone up to visit and check out the campus.

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Pack Cleaning Supplies In An Easily Accessible Bag Of Their Own

The first thing you will want to do when you arrive, before you move everything in, is give your dorm a nice fresh cleaning. We like to think that the campus cleans the dorms after the last batch of kids move out, but hey, you never know. And, if it was already cleaned, it could have been months ago and the dust could have already built up. You will want to pack the cleaning items in a separate bag all of their own so that you can grab them first out of the car.

Coordinate With Your Roommate

Every college shares your roommate’s information with you before college begins, and over the summer is a great time for you guys to chat a bit and get to know each other. And, coordinate who is bringing what and what times you will arrive. Most dorm rooms are tiny, you only need so many refrigerators, fans, area rugs, and televisions. Also, it might be a good idea to coordinate who is moving in at one time. It could be pretty stressful if you are both carrying in your luggage with your families at the same time.

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  1. Cindy Ingalls says

    Wow, this brings back so many memories of my first day at college. I remember the excitement and being totally terrified at the same time.

  2. Liz Mays says

    The first day was always a rush for us. I think packing the car beforehand is probably a good idea!

  3. Nancy Horn says

    Turns out college moving in day is a big deal. A lot of my friends are looking for tips (I’m no help because my oldest is almost 11), so I’ll let them know.

  4. Rose Pingol says

    These are great tips. My daughter will be in college soon, this post is very helpful to me.

  5. Chelley @ A is For Adelaide says

    Awwww… This list reminds me of my college days. My girls are still about 14 and 16 years from college drop off, which will, at that point, probably be some virtual goodbye 🙁 But these are really great tips- making sure that you only have with you who you need and really suing family day is FOR SURE the best one!

  6. Rosey says

    Good tip on leaving the majority of family at home. Dorm rooms are very tiny and the work moving in can get stressful if there are too many people in the small space.

  7. Terri Beavers says

    These are such great tips and I’ll use them when the kids go to college. I think arriving early will give them time to get acquainted with the campus.

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