Teen Guide To Finding Babysitting Jobs

Teen Guide To Finding Babysitting JobsFinding a babysitting job is not as easy as one might thing. Times have certainly changed. Mothers used to be begging teens to babysit their kids. Now, the roles seem to have reversed, and teens are begging moms to let them babysit their kids. The babysitting world is a pretty cut-throat place, and there is some serious competition. Luckily, we have put together a sure-fire list of ways to help you reel in more babysitting gigs.

Social Media

Create a positive and mature post on Facebook advertising your services, then ask your friends and family to the share the post with their friends. If you already have a few clients, and they are pleased with your work, they might be able to add a glowing recommendation on the post to let other parents know that you are reliable.

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Stop skipping church, over half of babysitter’s score clients at Sunday church – moms are always on the lookout at the morning sermon for responsible teens they can hire. Think of other places in your community that moms frequent too. Like, your little brother’s soccer game for instance. Or the next time your mom invites you to tag along to Yoga class with her – take her up on her offer and use that time to mingle with her mom friends.

Referral Discounts

If you already have some babysitting clients, make up a little coupon and give it to them – obviously, you will want it to look fun, yet professional. Offer them an hour of babysitting for free, or some sort of discount, for every friend they recruit to use your services.

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Go Above And Beyond

Kids talk. After you leave their house, their parents ask them how the night went. Make sure the kids have a blast, go above and beyond, rather than chatting on your phone – do some activities or games with them. Then, the next time their parents need to hire a babysitter, they will be begging your parents to have you come back.

Hang Up Flyers

It sounds crazy, but believe it or not, desperate parents really do call stranger’s phone numbers that they find hanging on telephone poles when they are truly in need of a sitter and have nowhere else to turn. Hang up flyers in areas in your town that get a lot of foot traffic – like the bank, post office, and grocery store if they have a bulletin board.

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  1. Heather Gallagher says

    I found most of my jobs through my church when I was a teen! I think I worked full time as a babysitter 😉

  2. Liz Mays says

    These are some good things to utilize! I think effective use of social media could help a lot!

  3. Elizabeth O. says

    It’s nice that you have a larger platform to look for baby sitters in your area these days! I it was this easy when the kids were so much younger and I needed a sitter. I’m sure this post will help a lot of parents.

  4. Myteenguide says

    These are nice tips. This post is very helpful four our teen and tween.

  5. christina aliperti says

    Babysitting has come a long way since I was a teen. It’s great that there are so many more options these days.

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