5 Ways to Spend Veterans Day

5 Ways to Spend Veterans DayWhile most holiday are spent relaxing with friends and family, Veterans Day is more of “day on” instead of a “day off.” It is the perfect time to learn more about and honor the men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country. If you are looking for productive ways to spend this Veterans Day, take a look below at 5 ways you can spend Veterans Day with your family so you can make it a day that is memorable and honors veterans around you.

1. Visit a local cemetery.

Find a local cemetery and look for the grave markers indicating which of those buried are veterans. See how many you can find and if possible, leave a flag for them on their grave. Many cemeteries also do Veterans Day ceremonies, so see if your local cemetery is offering any such even. Attend and pay your respects to those who paid the ultimate price for their service to our country so we can enjoy the many freedoms we do.

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2. Volunteer at a place that serves Veterans.

This may be a hospital or nursing home, a local veterans club or group, whatever the case may be look for a place that serves veterans and volunteer your services there. You can help serve a meal, just visit, or assist with other tasks that need done. Often times funding is low for veterans programs, so lending a hand at these establishments can be a huge help. Plus, it gives you the chance to interact with veterans and thank them in person for their selfless service.

3. Tune in for Veterans Day documentary and specials.

Stations such as The History Channel and PBS will have all sorts of Veterans Day programming for you to view. Search listings and see if there are any shows that interest you. This is a great time to sit down as a family and learn more about the holiday of Veterans Day, hear first hand accounts from veterans, and see why it is so important that we take care of our veterans now and in the future.

4. View any memorials in your area.

Most cities have some type of veterans memorial set up. Now is the time to search these memorials out and pay them a visit. Take the whole family and visit any local memorials in your area, or if you don’t know of any you can always do a virtual tour via YouTube. Take the time to visit these memorials either in person or virtually and pay your respects and enjoy some reflection time.

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5. Attend local celebrations.

Check local newspapers to see if any Veterans Day speeches, parades, ceremonies, or celebrations will be happening in your area. If so, pack the family up and head out to take part. It is one day a year to gather as a community and honor those who have sacrificed so much, so be sure to take advantage of any offerings in your area.

As you can see, there are many ways to celebrate Veterans Day that are enjoyable and don’t even cost a dime. Consider these 5 ways to spend Veterans Day and see what a memorable time you and your family can have.

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