What to Do When Your Child Refuses to Do Homework

What to Do When Your Child Refuses to Do HomeworkFirst, it is important for parents to understand that most children hate to do homework. Does that mean they should just not do it? Of course not, but expect resistance to complete homework and expect it often throughout their years in school. The good news is that you are not alone. Here are some tips for you to deal with your child refusing to do homework.

Find out why they are refusing to do homework

Before you can tackle the homework resistance, you need to determine why your child doesn’t want to do their homework. It could be they don’t understand the assignment and don’t want to say anything. Maybe they want to watch TV, play video games or talk to their friends online. It could be they are overtired or overwhelmed. Whatever the reason is, finding it out is the first step.Avoid using the word homework- Kids seem to cringe when they hear the word homework, so replace it with

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Avoid using the word homework

Kids seem to cringe when they hear the word homework, so replace it with study. Telling them it is study time instead of homework time can make a big difference in their attitude towards homework.

Allow them to choose when and where to do homework

Some kids like to do their homework right when they get home from school so they can get it out of the way. Other kids like to come home and unwind from the day first before doing homework. Also, allow them to choose where they are more comfortable doing their homework. Maybe they want to sit at the kitchen table or maybe they are more comfortable sitting on the living room floor with everything spread out.

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Help them when needed or asked

If you notice your child struggling while doing their homework or they ask for assistance, be readily available to help out as much as you can. You don’t want to do the assignment for them or even give them any answers but you want to guide them towards how to solve the problem to get the right answer.

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