DIY: Cardboard Roll Snowman – A Cute Holiday Craft

059I know what you are thinking….toilet paper snowman?! Are we really using toilet paper? No, but you are using the toilet paper roll that usually gets plopped into the trash and fills up the landfills.

Toilet paper rolls are great for all kinds of crafts and can be saved and used throughout the year. So, next time you think about throwing away your toilet paper roll, think of these cute little guys and all the wonderful crafts you can do with your kids.

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With a little white paint, some googly eyes, and some felt, you can turn a plain old toilet paper roll into the cutest, roundest, plumpest snowman around. And, the great thing about making this snowman is you don’t have to go out in the cold and roll up mounds of snow. Although this craft does go great with hot chocolate! Here’s how to make this cute little craft for the holidays!

Supplies needed

Cardboard roll
White craft paint
Craft felt in black, red, orange, and tan
Pair of googly eyes
Paint Brush
Hot glue, glue gun


  1. Begin by applying two coats of white craft paint to the cardboard roll. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly. You can set it aside so it isn’t disturbed and move on to step 2.
  2. While the paint dries, you can start creating the face of your snowman. Cut out a small black hat, red strip scarf, orange carrot nose, tan stick arms, and black buttons using your crafting felt to bring the snowman to life.
  3. Once the paint is dry, glue on the pair of googly eyes to begin the face of the snowman.
  4. Add some glue to your other felt features and begin applying them. Add the nose, buttons, and scarf. Finish by adding the black hat and arms. Just dab on glue, press into place, and allow to dry.
  5. Once all of the pieces are completely dry, your snowman is ready to be displayed.

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  1. Ourfamilyworld says

    This is so cute crafts. I will try to do this with my kids.. Thanks for sharing this..

  2. kelly reci says

    Such a nice crafts.. Very creative and awesome ideal gifts. I love to try this..

  3. Cindy Ingalls says

    I love little holiday crafts. There is nothing like that homemade look, it really makes the holidays all that more festive.

  4. victoria says

    What a fun crafts it so creative and I really like it

  5. CourtneyLynne says

    Omg how cute are these snowmen?!?! My daughter would have a blast making these

  6. Julie Syl Kalungi says

    Awww the little ones in any family would enjoy creating these cardboard snowmen and of course decorating the tree 🙂 Great bonding exercise I bet!

  7. […] You Might Also Like —> DIY: Cardboard Roll Snowman – A Cute Holiday Craft […]

  8. […] You Might Also Like: DIY: Cardboard Roll Snowman – A Cute Holiday Craft […]

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