Fun And Creative Ways For Teens To Stay Active And Fit During The Winter

Fun And Creative Ways For Teens To Stay Active And Fit During The WinterIt’s hard for teens to stay active during the winter, unless of course they are blessed to live in one of those amazing states where it is summer 365 days a year. But, if you are already getting snow dumped on you this year, then you can totally relate.

Teens are a little too old to go play outside in the snow, but not quite old enough to get themselves a car and drive to a gym a few days a week. So, what else is there to do when your front yard looks like a snow globe, besides binge watch Netflix?

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We all know how important it is to stay active, regardless of what season it is. And, it’s important for teens to make physical activity a lifelong habit now, rather than later when they begin to experience health problems. We put together a list a fun activities for teens to do during the winter to stay active and healthy.

Learn A Winter Sport

Sure, you might feel like you are a little old to have snowball fights or build a snowman, but there are tons of fun things for teens to do outside in the snow. You could take snowboarding or skiing lessons from a friend. Or if your town has an ice-skating rink you could spend the winter working on your figure 8’s.

Dance Tutorials

Dancing is hands down one of the best aerobic activities out there, and it doesn’t cost a dime. A lot of teens are shy about signing up for a dance class because they aren’t comfortable dancing in front of others, but you can dance at home and work on your skills. YouTube has hundreds of thousands of dance tutorial video for every type of dance imaginable. You can burn some calories and learn some new moves, all in the comfort of your bedroom.

Hit The Mall

Staying active doesn’t necessarily mean running a marathon, just some light power walking for an hour every other day could make a world of difference. Since it’s gross outside, and no one really wants to go for a walk in a snowstorm, you could get some cardio in at the mall. Depending on the size of your local mall, just one loop around could be a mile. And, you might even get to see some of your friends there while you are getting in you exercise! To make it more fun, use a tracking device on your phone to see how many calories you have burned and steps you have taken.

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Join A Sports Club

So, you’re not the most coordinated person, and you have no interest in trying out for any Varsity sports at your school. No big deal – that doesn’t mean that your school doesn’t have any fitness clubs. Most schools have Volleyball or Weight-lifting clubs, or something along those lines. Talk to your gym teacher or guidance counselor and see what your school has to offer. Clubs are usually much more relaxed than actual sports’ teams, and you might even meet some new people or find a hidden talent you didn’t know you have been hiding.

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