Love Yourself First, Worry About The Rest Later

Love Yourself First, Worry About The Rest Later

Thousands of teenagers believe that the only way they’ll be accepted by society is if they look like a celebrity, a model, and those girls in the sweaty pages of an FHM magazine. Unfortunately, thousands of teenagers don’t realize that celebrities and models and the girls in the FHM magazines aren’t all that. They might not have your unique smile, your unique talent, your unique way to light up a room when you walk in.

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They’re not you, and you’re not them. You shouldn’t aspire to be them, because you are a unique person with substance and beauty. You don’t need celebrities and thin girls and six packs of male models to tell you otherwise. They aren’t real. They were crafted by the media and popularity to make them who they are, while you, on the other hand, are real and different and interesting and unique and intelligent and an individual. Therefore, in order to make you realize how special you truly are, Celeb Teen Laundry devised 5 ways to make you realize that you are an extraordinary human being that should never, ever aspire to be anything different from what you already are.

Believe in yourself

Don’t let those negative self-doubts creep in when your pillow is wet from worrying. Believe in yourself and know that no matter what happens, you will survive all odds. Belief in yourself and having confidence in your talents will make you a force to be reckoned with. When you surf the internet and see beautiful girls with flat stomachs and sparkly smiles, DO NOT think, “If only…” Believe that you are good enough just the way you are – a perfect human being who will forever stay perfect, no matter how many scars life carves out on your soul.

Love yourself

This one is much, much easier said than done. How could you love yourself if you so wish to be someone different? It’s not that hard really. Whenever you have a negative thought that pops into your head and you treat yourself worse than garbage, ask yourself, “If I were my best friend, would I have treated him/her that way?

Understand yourself

It’s of utmost importance that you know your limits. Don’t let those limits and boundaries be stretched by negative thoughts and self-doubt. Know who you are, inside and out. Know your body, know the lines on your skin, know the strokes of paint in your eyes, know how long it takes to believe and love yourself. Once you understand yourself, there’s nothing to fear anymore.

Miss yourself

This might sound a bit awkward, but bear with us. It is very important to look back at your life and miss the “good” moments, the “innocent” moments, and the “special” moments. You should never dwell on the past and yearn for it. Instead, you should take all of those beautiful memories and keep them inside of you for as long as you live. No person is without a past, and no future can be born without a past, so it’s extremely vital that you acknowledge your memories and thank them for making you who you are today. Without them, you won’t exist.

Trust yourself

The last one on the list is the most difficult of them all. How do you trust yourself? How do you trust someone who has all of the windows and rooms of his/her soul exposed in a blinding light? You know what your actions will be, what your thoughts will be, and what your ideologies should be, so why should you try to prevent the inevitable? Well, if you trust yourself, those moments of self-doubt and loss of understanding will fall away like the skin of a snake and become enlightened.

If you trust yourself, you could live your life without worrying where you will end up, who will judge you, and who will misinterpret you. You know who you are. You know what your soul feels like when you brush up against it in the cold, lonely night. See trust as your lighthouse, pulling you away from the jagged rocks of self-doubt and depression. Trust yourself unconditionally. You are more than capable to do the things you’ve always dreamed of.

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Remember, healing and self-acceptance don’t happen overnight. Your spiritual, emotional, and physical healing is a journey of discovery, so why not take the time out of your busy day to believe in yourself, love yourself, understand yourself, miss yourself, and trust yourself?

Trust us, your life will never be the same again.

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  1. Ali says

    Great advice- too many of our youths get caught up in the hype of celebrity.

  2. DD says

    Very good advice!

  3. jody says

    i think you need to love others in order to even like yourself, let alone love.

  4. erin says

    Great advice its too easy to spend your life thinking when you finally get _______ your life will be perfect.

  5. Chris says

    To love yourself is to improve yourself; after that you can focus on the love for others.

  6. Robyn Good says

    Great advice, Bravo !

  7. Pamela says

    Great words of wisdom!

  8. DD says

    I am beautiful!

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