The Curse of Oak Island Review of January 24 Episode 11, Preview Of Episode 12

The Curse of Oak Island Review of January 24 Episode 11, Preview Of Episode 12It’s a historic day for the excited but anxious treasure hunters on The History Channel’s, The Curse of Oak Island.  The dig team is about to discover what lies at the bottom of mysterious borehole 10-X. Is this the day they find the rumored corpse and treasure chest that one man claims to have seen over 40 years ago?

In the January 24, 2017 episode, “Presidential Secrets,” 91-year old team member Dan Blankenship watches silently from his golf cart as the massive airlift operation at 10-X gets underway. The former contractor has never wavered in his conviction about what he saw during a solo dive down 10-X half a lifetime ago.

Dan is adamant that he made a shocking discovery that day: scattered bones and a mysterious box laid undisturbed at the dark bottom of the narrow shaft.

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Now, on a brisk Nova Scotian morning, Dan and the team wait as a giant vacuum-like tube sucks the muck from the bottom of the 170 foot deep, 40 inch wide 10-X shaft. They watch as the “spoils” are then dumped into a large cargo container.

Before twilight arrives will Dan be vindicated, and will the Lagina’s have gained justification to continue their monumental, expensive island dig?

Michigan brothers Rick and Marty Lagina own most of cryptic Oak Island. Determined to succeed where countless men have failed, they’ve spent years leading a small search team that includes veteran searcher Dan, and his son Dave.

Rumors of buried treasure on Oak Island have swirled about the petite Nova Scotian island for over 200 years. During that time at least six people have lost their lives trying to claim the island’s supposed riches: mountains of pirate gold, the Ark of the Covenant, the Golden Menorah, and more.

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But today history could be rewritten. The huge, rumbling pump machine hushes as it churns to a stop. The high-tech fun is over, and the team members enter the cargo container armed with shovels.

The sight of the men dwarfed inside the container’s walls underscores what the mission has been about since day one: human beings resolute in their beliefs, willing to solve a legendary riddle by any means necessary.

Hunched over their shovels and scoops, the team members tediously scrape the metal floor for signs of value, shiny or otherwise.

Then an eerie but unmistakable object appears in the spoils: a bone is sticking out of the clay muck.
Will this stunning discovery lead to more questions than answers? Or will the recovered bone prove to be the absolution that unwavering Dan Blankenship has spent a lifetime hoping for?

Tune in next week to see what the team learns about their amazing find! Is next week’s season four finale, “Hyde Park and Seek,” about to reveal that the spoils from the airlift operation contain the fabled treasures that the Lagina’s and their team have spent years, and millions of dollars, searching for?

Don’t miss the February 1, 2017 episode of The History Channel’s, “The Curse of Oak Island,” at 9/8C. Could this really be the last time that we see the fellowship of the dig in action?

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