4 Empire Rumors We Debunk Them – Get The Scoop!

4 Empire Rumors We Debunk Them - Get The Scoop!

Like every other television show, Empire is not alone having many rumors swirling around. Some true, some false, some absurd.  We took some time to debunk some of those rumors.  Check out our list below and let us know what you think!

While we all know that Empire features a lot of on-screen drama, did you know that there were some off-screen happenings as well? Some turned out to be true, while others were merely tabloid rumors. Here is some off-screen Empire drama, including what is true and what is not.

Lee Daniels and Bryshere Y. Gray are a real-life couple! This one is completely false! As you know, Lee Daniels is the show’s director, executive producer, and co-creator, while Bryshere Y. Gray plays the role of Hakeem Lyon. The rumor started back in the summer of 2015, when Daniels constantly “liked” photos of Gray on his Instagram page. While Daniels is in fact openly gay, he has been in a long-term relationship. And Gray has never come out as being gay.

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Trai Byers and Grace Gealey are a real-life couple! This one is 100% true! In fact, Trai, who plays the role of Andre and Grace, who plays the role of Anika, are indeed married! The couple started dating in the spring of 2015 while filming for Empire. Trai and Grace became engaged in July of 2015 but kept it a secret until October 7, 2015, when Grace announced their engagement during an episode of FABLife. The two were married on April 14, 2016, on Grand Cayman Island.

Mo’Nique was originally cast in the role of Cookie Lyon! This one looks like it is true! Back in March of 2015, Mo’Nique claimed that she was originally hired to play the role of Cookie on Empire, but for one reason or another, things didn’t work out for her. A short time after her announcement, Lee Daniels, Empire’s director, executive producer and co-creator, denied Mo’Nique was ever offered the role. Mo’Nique then fired back at Daniels by stating she had proof, in the form of email exchanges, that she was indeed offered the role of Cookie.

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Wesley Snipes was originally slated for the role of Lucious Lyon! This one is 100% true. Before Terrence Howard was hired for the role of Lucious Lyon, the role was offered to actor Wesley Snipes. This was confirmed by both Snipes and Lee Daniels. However, Taraji P. Henson, who was already hired to play Cookie, said that unless Terrence Howard was hired as Lucious, she would back out of the role of Cookie.

Have you heard any Empire rumors?  Share them in the comments so we can discuss!  Don’t forget our favorite show returns March 22 on FOX!

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  1. Rhian Westbury says

    I’ve actually never watched Empire before, maybe I need to change that x

  2. Ana De- Jesus says

    I watch Empire and how no idea and that Anika and Andre were a real life couple that is so damn cute awww xx

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  4. S says

    I love to watch Empire Rumors it is one of my favorite show and offcourse Anika and Andre is a very beautiful couple. They complement each other. Love to watch them.

  5. Anton says

    I haven’t been up to date with Empire recently. Think it’s time for an Empire marathon soon.

  6. kathryn Maher says

    I have never seen this show so I must start watching it asap. Its really lovely that the lead characters are also a real life couple

  7. Ali Rost says

    I’ve never had the pleasure of watching Empire .. but I’m wondering if that should change! Thanks for you post

  8. chichi says

    anika and andre make such a cute couple, try to catch whenever i can!

  9. Jennifer L says

    It’s always fun to find out whats true or false in all these little dramas on TV. Had no clue Mo’Nique and Daniels had that drama over the role of Cookie. Wow!

  10. sabine says

    My husband and I are watching blacklist. I have not seen empire yet. 🙂

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