5 TV Shows Everyone Should Binge Watch In 2017

5 TV Shows Everyone Should Binge Watch In 2017Currently, the too much TV shows Era means you have quite a lot of options on TV shows to binge watch. Personally, I think they are more than 100 shows to binge watch but because I can only write 5, let me list the top 5 TV shows to Binge Watch in 2017.

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Heard of Stranger Things?

‘Stranger things’ is a Netflix original TV show that has seen lots of views and reviews. The TV show is based on a story of four friends; Mike, Will, Dustin, and Lucas see their friend Will disappear out of town. At first, it doesn’t seem to be a big deal having the Sheriff report that Will might have gone to his Father. However, the story develops as no one knows where Will is. Meanwhile, a mysterious girl suddenly appears in almost the exact same spot Will disappeared. Did the girl have something to do with Will’s disappearance? You have to find out on Stranger Things.


Don’t Tell You Haven’t Watched The Flash

The Flash is a series based on The Flash of DC Comics. Basically, they released this ongoing series as they work on plans to release the movie. The Flash is about Barry Allen, a typical kid, whose parents are murdered (Wait! Before, you start yelling saying that this is an adaptation of Batman; hear me out! Barry’s parents are killed by a speedster who ignites thunder and lightning in the town. Barry is hit by one turning him into a speedster too).


Look For 24 Legacy

2017 has seen the release of 24 Legacy. It’s an adaption or rather a continuation of the awesome 24 Series in another “universe.” However, in this new series, Keifer Sutherland is the producer. The film’s main actor is Eric Carter. There are currently few episodes that have been released. But we can’t compare this to the former Jack Bauer’s franchise.

Of Course, There’s The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is another epic TV show that you cannot afford to miss. You should watch the TV show and repeat it several times. The series is based in a post-apocalyptic world with the main character as Sheriff Rick Grimes. He’s in rude shock after waking up from a comma to find a zombie epidemic.


Then there’s The Blacklist 

They say the last is saved for best. The Blacklist is the best TV show that you should Binge Watch. The interesting James Spader TV show sees a high-profile criminal surrendering to the F.B.I. under conditions that he would help them capture other criminals. Sounds fishy, right? But, he does help them. However, he has a different agenda other than helping. He’s outsmarting them. If you want to know more, go watch it!


Do you have any television series that you like to watch?  Share them with us in the comments so we can check them out!

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  1. Divya says

    Lots to choose from here! Binge watching is the best kind. Because you don’t have to wait until the following week to find out what happens!

  2. Chastity says

    Stranger things is on my list to watch! I don’t know how we ever went through life without binge watching;)

  3. Jolina says

    I’m obsessed with Stranger Things! I cannot wait for season 2 🙂 Haven’t started on 24 Legacy, but it’s totally up my alley!

  4. maria Long says

    I AM HAVING surgery tomorrow so this is perfect timing. Will have to check some of these out.

  5. lisa says

    I’ve watched them all but Legacy 24. I never got into 24 in general so I didn’t even give that one a thought – maybe I should…

  6. Neely Moldovan says

    We are loving 24 Legacy! Its so good. I miss Jack though. Maybe he will show up!

  7. CourtneyLynne says

    I have actually not seen a single one of these!! Looks like I have some tv binge watching to do since they all sound fantastic

  8. Jeanine says

    I wanted to watch 24 Legacy but didnt know if I would like it because I heard Kiefer wasn’t in it. Maybe I’ll check it out anyways, I hear its great!

  9. Tiffany VanSickle says

    We watched the first season of The Flash on Netflix and got hooked! Now we watch it every week on The CW! We have also watched the Blacklist. It’s really good but a little too dark for us. Especially since our kids are usually around. We aren’t really late-night people anymore. ha

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