8 Reasons To Love Schitt’s Creek

8 Reasons To Love Schitt’s CreekIf you’re looking for a quirky comedy filled with curious characters forever in and out of outlandish messes, check out “Schitt’s Creek,” a hilarious comedy about two kids who must bunk with their parents in a cheesy motel after dad loses the family fortune.

“Schitt’s Creek,” is a classic fish out of water tale. You’ll laugh at, and with, the formerly insulated Bel Air Rose family now forced to survive in a couple of run down motel rooms, while taking meals at the local diner. While their predicament is played for laughs, the family is slowly (albeit reluctantly) becoming enlightened about their need for each other as they are forced to live with, and love, one another.

This Canadian gem premiered on CBC Television in 2015 and currently is in its third season on PopTV.

Here are eight reasons to watch this riches to rags show:

It’s a family affair

Legendary comedic actor Eugene Levy and his son Daniel Levy created and star in the quirky comedy based in a low-rent, rural town populated with daft characters and lovable weirdos.

Tons of clever writing that’s heavy on double entendre

Ok, the show is called, “Schitt’s Creek,” need I say more?! Every half-hour is packed with bawdy humor that’ll have you thinking, “I can’t believe they just said that (and got away with it)!

Over the top comedic acting by old school wise guys

Chris Elliott plays town Mayor Roland N. Schitt (get it?) and patriarch Johnny Rose’s unwitting nemesis. He’s starred in numerous big name films including Groundhog Day, and was a regular on The Late Night Show with David Letterman. Eugene Levy plays put-upon Johnny Rose. No one does deadpan humor better than Eugene Levy. No one. Plus he has really cool black bushy eyebrows that look like giant wiggling caterpillars whenever he gets irked. Levy has appeared in more than 60 motion pictures.

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The Jazzagirls

The claws and fangs come out when the town’s girls-only acapella singing group gets together. The competition between the ladies can get fierce, especially when the wife of the town mayor clashes with former soap opera star Moira Rose.

It’s the “Home Alone,” mom as you’ve never seen her before

Catherine O’Hara played McCauley Culkin’s loving mom in the big bucks franchise, but here she more resembles Norman Bates’ mom (if she had lived, of course). O’Hara plays Mama Moira Rose like a neurotic banshee who’s never met a makeup trowel (or wig or accent)  that she didn’t like.


Watching the Levy family in action

Eugene and Daniel Levy had the good sense to hire Sarah Levy (Eugene’s daughter and Daniel’s sister). Far from being a nepotism move, Sarah is hysterical as Twyla, the hippie chick waitress who’s had one too many of her, “green smoothies.”

Lots of critical acclaim

The debut season of, “Schitt’s Creek,” received two Directors Guild of Canada awards, and nine Canadian Screen Awards. The show scored 13 Canadian Screen Award nominations for its second season.

If you’re still not convinced, check out the official, “Schitt’s Creek,” website

There you’ll learn much more about the show with the funny appellation: “it’s been called “an armpit of a town, and some people might think that’s an insult. But where would we be without armpits? We’d be armless, that’s where.” If you just laughed out loud, then you’re going to love, “Schitt’s Creek!”

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8 Reasons To Love Schitt’s Creek

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