Dancing With the Stars News: Mr. T Talks Joining DWTS and His Strategy

Dancing With the Stars News: Mr. T Talks Joining DWTS and His Strategy

Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) announced their celebrity and pro lineups recently, with some viewers being very surprised to find 64-year-old Mr. T (Lawrence Tureaud) had joined the 24th season of the dance competition beginning Monday, March 20, 2017, on ABC at 8 pm ET.

Sources reveal that he is not just a bad dancer, he cannot dance at all. In fact, he jokes that in his line of work as a bodyguard and bouncer, they should not dance; and if people learn their bodyguard can dance, they clearly have the wrong bodyguard.

Mr. T continues to say that he grew up in a rough neighborhood, where you either ran or stood up and fought; he chose the latter. He has always been a fighter but admits admiring the dancers from afar. He wants to take this opportunity on Dancing With the Stars to allow his fans to see him in a whole new light.

Mr. T continues to show everyone the persona we have all grown to love him for, the tough guy who has nerves of steel. When his competitors offer him “good luck” he tells them they’re the fools who need the luck, not him.

He says luck is for gamblers, not for those who train and practice to win. He vows he will not beg for votes for him and even says he only wants the votes if the people like what he brings and he has talent.

Mr. T will be dancing with pro-Kym Herjavec, who was last on DWTS in Season 20 where the chemistry with her dance partner, Robert Herjavec was so hot; they married in 2016. It will be very exciting to see her transform this big, tough guy into a smooth and versatile ballroom dancer!

Dancing With the Star fans who may not know much about Mr. T. H was a wrestler for almost 10 years before he left the ring to pursue more of his acting career. He is very well known for his portrayal of B.A. Baracus on the hit series The A-Team in the 1980s and for his role of Clubber in Rocky III (1982).

Make sure to tune in with us March 20th for all the action as the new celebs hit the ballroom to impress!  Head over to our Dancing With the Stars Group and join before the premiere.  We cover the show with pics, happenings, videos etc, RIGHT HERE!

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Dancing With the Stars News: Mr. T Talks Joining DWTS and His Strategy

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