Dance Moms Season 8 Spoilers: Cheryl Burke Promises To Be The Anti-Abby Lee Miller

Dance Moms Season 8 Spoilers: Cheryl Burke Promises To Be The Anti-Abby Lee Miller‘Dance Moms’ just won’t be the same for viewers anymore. That’s because ‘Dancing With The Stars’ alum Cheryl Burke promises to be the anti-Abby Lee Miller on the show. Cheryl is taking over after Abby dramatically quit the show in a lengthy Instagram post to her fans last week. After being on ‘Dance Moms’ for seven seasons, Abby said she was tired of being manipulated by producers while also claiming that she isn’t the monster instructor that the show made her out to be.

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According to Cheryl Burke though, it looks like she plans on taking the show in a totally different direction. She shared a throwback photo of her early dancing days on her Instagram account and captioned it with, “I grew up with a tiger mom! I know how to motivate these girls from within. We’re here to succeed and create together. #dancemoms #mymomsetthetigermombar #tbt.”

Cheryl also shared another photo of her already in ‘Dance Moms’ mode and wrote, “Do I like what I see? We got this.” Clearly, Cheryl plans on being a more motivational, uplifting dance instructor than Abby was during her time on the show. Instead of berating them, a lot of fans believe that she’s going to bring the best out of her dancers by being a more positive role model for them.


Of course, a lot of ‘Dance Moms’ fans can’t help but wonder if Cheryl Burke will be able to bring in viewers the same way that Abby Lee Miller did. After all, Abby’s controversial style and imitation tactics were the reason why millions of viewers tuned in to the show each week. But with Cheryl it will be definitely different. Even though she says she was raised by a tiger mom herself, she doesn’t want to treat her dancers the same way Abby did on the show.

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Tell us, do you think Cheryl Burke will be able to impress ‘Dance Mom’ fans even though she promises to be the anti-Abby Lee Miller? A lot of viewers believe that the show just won’t be the same without Abby. Then again, fans will just have to tune in to see if Cheryl will be able to fill in her shoes. Do you agree?
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  2. tori says

    Sorry,without Abby it’s not the same show which is why I watched. They should of made a new show for Cheryl not take over someone else’s show. Bad decision! I’m not interested without Abby there,sounds like a really boring show.

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