The Walking Dead Season 8 Spoilers: Andrew Lincoln Ready For Insane Season Ahead

The Walking Dead Season 8 Spoilers: Andrew Lincoln Ready For Insane Season Ahead

It looks like The Walking Dead Season 8 might be the series’ best yet, according to actor Andrew Lincoln. In fact, he’s so positive that viewers will love it so much that he couldn’t contain his excitement during a recent interview. The cast and crew of the horror drama television series will begin shooting soon, with many characters forced to portray different versions of themselves. In other words, Rick’s group will hopefully rally with the nearby communities to once and for all fight of Negan’s Saviors.

“I’m more excited, my friend,” Andrew told, “I’m more excited about this season than ever and this is not – I’m not blowing smoke up anybody – this is so real. I am ready to go. I can’t wait. It’s going to be insane this season.”

Andrew also adds that he is pretty surprised to see the series eight seasons in. (Then again, producers recently admitted that they would love to see the show continue to at least the year 2020). Yet, Andrew declined to describe exactly what will happen next season. He didn’t reveal any plotlines or juicy details. Instead, he said it’s going to be extraordinary. But then again, ‘The Walking Dead’ has been anything but ordinary from the start.

So what’s next for ‘The Walking Dead?’ Fans will simply have to tune in to see. But then again, nothing can be worst than what viewers were subjected to during the beginning of Season 7. A lot of fans were appalled at the level of violence during the season’s opening episode. In fact, it was so bad that producers were forced to tone down the gratuitous death scenes.

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Luckily, producers were able to make mid-season adjustments right after the premiere episode. ‘The Walking Dead’ has so far succeeded in shocking and surprising audiences. But have they gone too far in their grisly violence? That’s what critics have been asking for a very long time. Some fans have even been campaigning to give the show a new television rating.

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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 will begin shooting in the coming weeks and is slated to hit the small screen in October 2017. The season will also begin with the series’ 100th episode. Fans will get a glimpse at a teaser trailer for the season at Comic-Con this summer. Check back with Our Teen Trends for all the latest news, updates and spoilers on ‘The Walking Dead’ right here.

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  1. Yacuub says

    I think in a zombie apocalypse violence is the only way to survive & if your stomach is to weak then don’t watch it. People will change and right now as I text this comment the violence level of the human population is drastically, changing and if you can’t take a TV show unplug the TV set. By the way don’t fuck up the best zombie apocalypse movie of all time cause you soft ass complainers do see it your wet tissue ass way. Leave this series alone with you complaining asses, I mean what do you expect them to do barbecue and play dominoes with the survivors and the zombies ain’t gonna happen, it’s kill or be killed.

  2. Beulah says

    If u can’t take it or it’s to much than just turn the channel. People it’s a zombie apocalypse.Kill r be killed. It’s just a tv show, just entertain. Please let us enjoy it. Please don’t change a thing.

    1. Tim says

      Beulah, I agree with you up to the killing of the zombies but when they kill non zombies to the point where it’s just disturbing and gross by beating someone over the head till there’s nothing left isn’t even entertaining.

      1. Pat's 2 Centz says

        During war or zombies Real Humans will sometimes act exactly like that violent episode. I refuse to say they act like Animals because animals treat each other well no matter what’s going on. People do not, they become feral and want to dominate. This show is SPOT ON. Don’t like it I agree that those of you who don’t like it Change the Channel . TY.

  3. Tim says

    I thought the opening show of season 7 went too far over the line, to beat someone over the head over and over till there was nothing left wasn’t even entertaining. I almost stopped watching the show after that episode. It was just unnecessary, I know some people that said they weren’t gonna watch the show anymore. Also let the good people win for a change tired of the bad people winning all the time!

  4. Myra Jones says

    Nooooo leave this show alone people always want to complain if you don’t like it don’t watch it its that simple stop trying to ruin things for other people i myself love the show as do many look at it this way if there is something i don’t like then i don’t indulge there r a lot of shows on tv i don’t like so guess what dumb asses i don’t watch em that simple

  5. Kathy says

    I love The Walking Dead!! My daughter turned me on to it. Please don’t change anything.. If it bothers you then DON”T WATCH!! It’s that easy..

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