Empire Season 3’s Shocking Finale: Lucious and Cookie Planning Future Wedding

Empire Season 3’s Shocking Finale: Lucious and Cookie Planning Future WeddingEmpire fans haven’t seen a finale shocker like this in a very long time.

In the Empire Season 3 finale, Lucious saved Cookie after declaring his love for her. He also managed to get rid of Giuliana and while Cookie and Lucious are finally back together, it’s short-lived, thanks to Shine. Lucious saves Cookie’s life by pushing her out of the way before their car explodes and goes up in flames. Three months later, Lucious is still at the hospital in the coma. He finally wakes up, but unfortunately he doesn’t remember anyone – including his own family.

Surely, Lucious will regain his memory, or at least that’s what fans are hoping by Season 4. And if there’s one person who might help him regain his memory again, it’s none other than Cookie. In fact, show runner Ilene Chaiken told the Hollywood Reporter that Lucious knew he loved Cookie from the very start, but it just took him quite some time – or in this case three long seasons – before he could come to terms with his feelings for her. And now if there’s only one person that can save him it’s Cookie, as she would definitely return him the favor after he saved her life moments before the car bomb.

Ilene said, “His season long drive was to win Cookie back and you might have thought in the second half of our story that he had changed courses and veered off towards Giuliana, but what I hope you learned in that last episode is that he never stopped wanting Cookie or doing it for Cookie, He did it all for Cookie.”

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She added, “He even had to live with Cookie’s anger, he had to live with the discomfort of hurting her so that he could ultimately give her the ultimate gift, which is his love and commitment to her, to his family and this gift of doing her show. He realized this was the way to finally demonstrate that he had come into the light.”

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So what’s next for Lucious and Cookie? Will they tie the knot again in Season 4? Do they finally have their ‘happily ever after?’ Fans will just have to tune in to see. In the meantime, don’t forget to check back with Our Teen Trends for all the latest news, updates and spoilers on Empire right here!

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