How to Help your Teenager Cope with a Heartbreak

How to Help your Teenager Cope with a HeartbreakThough we might see it as nothing more than puppy love, our children’s first heartbreak could tear their world apart. The first time a relationship ends, you’ve got nothing to look back on and remind you that you will pull through and find something new. When you’re young, the end of a relationship really can feel like the end of the world. What’s more, with teenage hormones running wild, it can be difficult to cope with all of the emotions that your youngster is feeling when she or he faces her first big breakup.

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Here are a few ways that you can help them cope with the pain of heartbreak

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1.    Be Available

Even if you know that your child is suffering through a tough time with their girlfriend or boyfriend, you may find that they don’t want to talk to you about it. Don’t take it personally if your teenager shuts down and wants to spend time listening to mopey songs in their room instead of talking to you. Instead, make sure that they simply know you’re there if they want to talk things through.

2.    Boost Their Self Esteem

Most of us know from experience how difficult it can be to revive our self-esteem after a breakup – particularly if you’re the one that’s been dumped. Breakups can lead to feelings of depression and self-doubt no matter your age. Remind your son or daughter that he or she is a wonderful, attractive, and incredible person who will find someone that’s worth their love and efforts.

3.    Don’t be Judgmental

After a breakup, your child may need to use you as a sounding board from time to time. Try not to be judgmental about the way that they feel, and let them express issues of sadness and anger as they come to them. Just listen and let him or her cry on your shoulder when they need to. Your child should know that you’re available for venting.

4.    Be a Distraction

Finally, your son or daughter may have more time on their hands now – that time that they had previously spent with their former flame. Although you can’t take the place of their lost love, what you can do is help them to use that time constructively instead of wallowing. Try and get your child to hang out with her friends, or spend some time together as mother and daughter, father and son, or any other combination!

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