How to Talk to Your Teens About Love

How to Talk to Your Teens about LoveHaving – the talk – for most parents is a very horrifying moment. They try to find several ways to “assume” it, which may cause more harm than good. Of course, you knew that this topic would come up someday but I’m sure you did not suppose it would happen any soon.

Love is often something that teens will experience regardless of how they feel. They will start having, first crushes that turned out to be their first date for the proem dance. Suddenly, the little child you held in your arms has a surge of love emotions racing through their body.

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Love is the main topic that excites most kids, not sex. They want to know whether a certain person like them, and how to behave while you’re with that person. Here are several tips that may help you when you’re talking to your teens about love:

  1. Explain A Healthy Relationship

Of course, you cannot define a healthy relationship without being in one. The basic things you’d like to tell them is that healthy relationships take time to be built and they are built on the foundation of support, understanding and trust.

  1. Allow Them To Ask Some Questions

The media has crafted the ideology of love and thus, I’m pretty sure they have tons of questions concerning love. Give them some time to express themselves. To let you know of something that happened that they may need clarification.

  1. Explain Basic Difference Between Love and A Crush

Remember your teenage has very few accurate information concerning love and may even be confusing a crush with love. Take some considerable amount of time differentiating what love, and a crush is. Make them understand that a crush is not love. That love takes time to grow.

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  1. Help Them Set Boundaries

Teach them the importance of boundaries noting some several incidences of love and lust. Talk to them about everything on lust. Then, go ahead describing some boundaries that love has (most of which are the opposite of lust).

  1. Offer Support

After talking to them, they may end up having a crush on someone. I’m pretty sure they’d want to talk to someone about it. Therefore, be there for them.

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