Planning a Trolls Movie Night

Planning a Trolls Movie NightTrolls night is one of the memorable nights in the American and Canadian culture. It is a time to have fun with your kids while enjoying a movie. If you want your kids to have a good time during your troll’s movie night, here are some tips:

Work With the Kids

Don’t be bossy. Partner with your kids to have the best troll movie night. Consider making some sweet colorful cupcakes and have the kids decorate them. That makes them feel part of troll night.

Want to go crazy? Why not use some colorful coloring on your cupcakes? If you’re a fan of decorations, you can purchase some edible gems and place them on your cupcake. They will sure add some craft on the cakes. It’s up to you!

Do you have a Main Snack in Mind?

A main snack can be eaten as you’re watching the movie. You can opt to have fruit salad. If you’re into decoration, then focus on color. Color changes a whole lot of things.

Don’t forget popcorn! How can you survive without popcorn? Popcorn brings a whole meaning into trolls movie night. You need to snack as you enjoy time watching the movie with your family.

Value the Lesson Learnt

Have you watched the movie Trolls from Dreamworks? If you haven’t, you need to. The movie ends with the Trolls inviting the bad guy to sing, dance and eat with them. Finally, they live happily ever after. After the movie, it is a great time to discuss some of these virtues depicted in the film with your kids. I’m pretty sure you’d want your kids to embrace kindness and have a caring heart.

Remember to Paint

After watching the movie, have time to paint with your kids. You can start by painting one of the things you have seen in the movie and let them enjoy their time painting what they saw in Trolls.

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As you do this, plan to ask them why they painted what they have.

Having a trolls movie night is pretty exciting. However, for you to pull it off, you’ll need to plan in advance.

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