Key Lessons to Learn from 13 Reasons Why

Key Lessons to Learn from 13 Reasons Why
If you had the chance to watch 13 Reasons Why lately, then the chances are you’ve been on a pretty emotional ride. Touted as one of the best shows around today, 13 Reasons is heartbreaking, painful, and eye-opening. Here, we’re going to cover some of the lessons that we learned while watching it.

1.   There are Different Versions of the Truth

During the show, we often hear accusations that Hannah is lying on her tapes when talking about certain people. The truth is that she wasn’t lying, but her perception of the situations and facts might have been different. We can never assume how a certain situation made someone else feel.

2.   Words Have Power

No matter how simple words might seem, they do have the power to build or destroy someone. Even a joke can tear someone else a part. Being kind could potentially save someone else’s life, and we should never underestimate what we say.

3.   Don’t be Afraid of Love

One of the most upsetting tapes for me, was Clay’s. Although Clay didn’t really do anything to hurt Hannah by being cruel, he was too afraid to love her, and that love might have saved her from herself. Don’t be afraid to show someone that you care about them.

4.   Compliments Matter

At one point in the show, Hannah said that the compliments she found in her bag at school were the light in her darkness, and the thing that kept her going through the day. Something as simple as a basic compliment could keep someone from doing something terrible.

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5.   The Truth Comes Out

We see throughout the series that no matter what you do, you can’t hide from the truth. All of our actions have consequences, and taking responsibility for what we do is crucial. Eventually, the truth always comes out.

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6.   Speak Out

If you’re battling anxiety, bullying, or depression, this show alone can just help to prove that you’re not alone. Don’t be afraid to speak out and talk about how you feel, and find someone who will listen to you. If you know someone else who is struggling, make sure that you’re there for them, show that you care and do what you can to help. We’re all fighting battles that no-one else knows about.

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